Feb 12, 2009

Democracy, Communist Style, Now Practiced In America

By Bill Wilson

Ever notice how all the major socialist or communist dictatorships try to claim they are actually democracies, but rig the process of democracy to get what they want? China, for example, has its National People's Congress that rubber stamps the Communist Party's doings. Venezuela has its Senate and Chamber of Deputies to do the bidding of dictator, excuse me, president Hugo Chavez. Terrorist sponsor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has his Majlis and Council of Guardians to give the appearance of representative government. Now the United States has its Senate and House of Representatives to give the appearance of democracy in action when approving the President's business.

'Seem harsh to you? It's closer to the truth than you want to know. Understand this: There were no Republicans from the House of Representatives that had input on the House-Senate conference committee resolving differences in the so-called economic stimulus bill. Moreover, there were only three Republicans from the Senate side-Republicans who had agreed to support the Democratic bill-Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, both from Maine. This is as close to a one party system calling all the shots as has ever been recorded in the history of America-even under Democratic House Speaker Tip O'Neil there was Republican input and the appearance of fairness.

But wait there is more. Human Events is reporting a story confirmed by others on Capitol Hill that Republicans were actually shut out of the conference committee because it was held in secret by the Democratic leadership. The late night meeting was held at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's office with Democratic leadership only. An hour and 45 minutes later Collins and Snowe showed up and were the only Republicans present. Human Events confirmed that Specter approved the deal later and that there were no House Republicans present at the meeting. Presto-a new compromise three-quarters of a trillion dollars economic stimulus bill that nationalizes healthcare emerged in the stealth of the night.

Communism comes to power by force or by ballot when a popular figure gains the support of the population. Then, instead of acting in the best interest of the people, Communist leaders act in their own best interest. The people then are disenfranchised. There is a great parallel to what is now happening in America. Every citizen's liberty is in jeopardy and the vice is about to be screwed tight on the opposition as exemplified by this charade of a House-Senate conference committee. 2 Timothy 3:13 says, "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived." If you want to live in this country as free men to worship Christ freely, it is time to sound the alarm before its too late.