Feb 9, 2009

Dead Prophets And Live Politicians

By Jim Fletcher

We live in an era of great deception; no new news there.

Some of our political leaders, religious leaders, and media figures spread deception because they are naïve. Someone like Sean Penn comes to mind. This hugger of dictators is what used to be called “a useful idiot,” used for propaganda by enemy nations.

Then there is the more malevolent kind, who deceives on purpose; they know what they are doing.

I have no idea exactly who is an active deceiver, but we can look at our political “leadership” for starters. It is quite fascinating, at least to me, that our leaders are not biblical at all, yet make life-and-death decisions every day. Their collective worldview does not bring me comfort at all.

Take the new Middle East envoy, George Mitchell. The former senator from Maine is a classic liberal and his worldview reflects that. Appointed by the new president, Mitchell wants a permanent office in Israel, so that he can muck around and spread State Department diplomacy throughout the region. Maybe us taxpayers can finance a permanent wing in the King David Hotel, or the American Colony, where Mitchell and his aides could dine nightly on duck, while chatting with Palestinians from east Jerusalem who will reinforce the geopolitical myths that actually endanger both Israel and the U.S.

What do I mean? Just that Western journalists and diplomats are treated to Arab-style hospitality, which means plenty of smiles, warm embraces, food and, underneath it all, Soviet-style propaganda. Take the issue of “the settlements.”

It is almost universally claimed that a major impediment to peace between Israel and the Arabs is the presence of Jewish communities in what is called “Palestinian territory.” Everyone agrees that if the Jews would just get out of the West Bank and help establish a Palestinian state, the world would become the Garden of Eden.

Not true.

The sad reality is that humans who believe that other humans are basically good can never establish the justice they obsess over. Their naïve approaches to war, peace, and the brotherhood of man are flawed and dangerous. For our discussion today, here’s why: the Palestinians, controlled by evil men, are radicalized and barbaric. They love and promote murder.

The quarter-million or so Jews who live in the biblical heartland today are evidence of two things: a) a front-line defense against Islamist terrorism and, more importantly b) living, breathing proof that the God of the Bible exists and is in complete control of everything.

The prophet Amos recorded God’s contention thousands of years ago that in the last days of world history, He would bring the scattered Jews back to their ancestral homeland and that they would dwell there then forever (Amos 9:15). This is not only amazingly fulfilled in our lifetime — thank you, God — but the reality of it should make our faith bullet-proof. I can rely on God when He reveals Himself in such a spectacular fashion.

Does George Mitchell believe this? If I had one million dollars, I would happily bet you that he does not. With his background (law degree from Georgetown, experience with the Justice Department, and former Senator Ed Muskie as a mentor), Mitchell has zero chance to fashion any sort of real peace in the Middle East. His old-school liberal policies will ensure that the continuation of the insane Oslo “land for peace” delusion will be with us for some time.

If Mitchell would actually do some homework and really look at Israel, he’d notice what Ariel Sharon used to know: giving land to Israel’s enemies is the best way to ensure that the Jewish state is vulnerable.

I would be interested to know, for example, how Mitchell proposes that an Arab village, Silwan, which is a stone’s throw from West Jerusalem, would live in peace with its neighbor, Israel. Imagine living and working in downtown Chicago and your mortal enemy lives in Downer’s Grove. Not only would you be looking over your shoulder constantly, but you likely would die from stress.

I once visited a businessman in Bethlehem, a man whose Christian wife had been driven nearly mad by the stress of living among the thugs of the newly appointed Palestinian Authority. If Arabs cannot live in safety among their own kind, how does Mitchell expect Israel to do so?

Quite ironically, the prophet Amos was and is right, while American leadership is wrong. Deadly wrong.

I don’t worry about the prospect of Jews being moved out of Israel and ethnically cleansed. And, my friends, listen very carefully: I don’t worry about it because my world view is informed by Scripture. It is not informed by the agendas of naïve presidents and their envoys.

Do you see how this is a practical matter, relevant to how we live every area of our lives? If I can rest comfortably in the knowledge that the nefarious plans of evil men are laughed at by their Creator, I can certainly take to heart His promises that He will give me peace and rest when I come to Him (Matthew 11:28).

In the short-term, it aggravates me that American power is brought to its knees through the naïve diplomacy of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Mitchell (not to mention their media kindred like Chris Matthews). However, I am aware that my own little life is moving through an extraordinary moment in history; Bible prophecy is proving itself dramatically for anyone willing to pay attention.

The “settlements” aren’t going anywhere. The Jews are alive. They breathe. They work and play and rejoice in the land promised to them. No amount of stupid, colossal worldview mistakes by pagan politicians can overturn that reality.