Feb 23, 2009

Boiling Point

By Jim Fletcher

Jewish leader Isi Leibler, writing last week in the Jerusalem Post, had this to say about a global reality we should all be paying attention to:
“The Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism is meeting today in London in the wake of the Gaza campaign, which ignited an exponential eruption of global anti-Semitic frenzy unprecedented since the Nazi era.

The intensity of the anti-Jewish rage, frequently accompanied by acts of violence, has engendered fear and anxiety among Diaspora Jews and obliged many to seriously ponder their long-term future.

“On every continent and in virtually every city, enraged demonstrators have railed against Israel and indulged in anti-Semitic calls to "boycott Jews," "gas" them and "dismantle the Nazi Israeli state." The anti-Jewish offensives, usually initiated by Arabs, have been supported by wide spectrums of indigenous citizens.”
Leibler is not a fear-monger, nor is he crying wolf. Some lay this charge, but they did as well in the lead-up to the Holocaust. Unfortunately, Leibler is right to sound the alarm.

Repeatedly in Scripture, we are told that dark spiritual forces will intensify pressure on Israel and the Jews in the last days. Here again is a dramatic fulfillment of prophecy that many can’t see! Anti-semites are the fulfillment of prophecy and they can’t see it. Amazing.

Also a few days ago, it was announced that the U.S. would have representation at the upcoming Durban Conference. This anti-Western, anti-Israel gathering is a clearing-house for haters and has been shunned by the Americans. Until now.

What is this if not an acceleration of fulfilled prophecies that point to a friend-less Israel. Barack Obama is conducting his foreign policy exactly as he said he would, which means appeasement. An alarming byproduct of this — watch for it — is an increasing tendency to throw Israel to the wolves.

Some assume Obama and his foreign policy team are na├»ve. Don’t assume that they are. One reporter, soon after the election (note: not before!), called Obama “deeply manipulative.” He’s spent time with the candidate on his plane.

A few days ago, Sean Hannity made an interesting comment as he discussed the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” (designed to muzzle conservative radio); he said that people fail to understand that the policymakers in Washington don’t care about the average person. I think he’s correct. Which means that for all their pledges to ensure Israel’s security, Washington insiders and powerbrokers will sell the Jewish state down the river.

As Israel sorts-out its recent election, one can see the manipulation behind the scenes. As Benjamin Netanyahu jostles for position in trying to become Israel’s next prime minister, it is hard not to notice the hatred for him...not only from the Arabs, but from Western diplomats and journalists! Obama will no doubt lean on Netanyahu (who, unlike Obama or Bill Clinton, with whom he dealt a decade ago, is not a coward).

It was noted by syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer that Obama’s overtures to Iran have resulted in the Iranians puffing out their collective chest and demanding certain things of the U.S. in exchange for “normalized relations.” One of those demands is to abandon the “Zionist entity.” We all know who that is. Does this not speak to Jeremiah 30?

Krauthammer also noted that since Iran announced that it has sent a satellite into space, the obvious implication is that they can also target anywhere with ballistic missiles. One can see here the beginnings of classic, high-stakes blackmail that would ultimately leave Israel without allies anywhere.

Israel’s Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who narrowly missed a bid to become prime minister, has said that not only would she not sit in a Netanyahu government (unless he agreed to a rotating premiership), but that she advocated giving away at least half of the Land of Israel to a Palestinian state.

All these things are indeed foreboding. Ominous.

And yet when one talks to Israelis in their own country, one gets the sense that more Bible prophecy is being fulfilled, because these people are not going away. They are not going to lay down and die. We have the odd situation of a pagan world that does not believe in the Bible or the God of the Bible coming into direct conflict with Israel as God prepares to supernaturally intervene, as He did in the “days of old.”

Praise the Lord, He is on His throne and in charge. Let the heathen rage and the anti-semites spew their hate.

We are at the boiling point, and the Redeemer of Israel is preparing to take the stage.

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