Feb 3, 2009

Benjamin Netanyahu Says If Elected Israel's Next PM, He Will Not Divide Jerusalem

By Jimmy DeYoung

In the days leading up to the Israeli elections, the rhetoric on the campaign trail is intensifying and the candidates for PM are letting out all the stops to gather the needed votes to get a majority in the Knesset, Israel's legislative body who actually elects the PM.

Former PM Benjamin Netanyahu has promised Israeli voters if he is elected, he will not divide the city of Jerusalem, but keep the city united, which means the Palestinians would not be able to have some portion of Jerusalem as the capital for their state of Palestine.

Netanyahu told a group of reporters from around the world that the Jews did not return to Jerusalem after praying for it to be rebuilt for 2,000 years in order to give it up.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

With the status of Jerusalem at the center of the upcoming Israeli elections, the evidence is strong that the End Times scenario for the holy city is moving very close to being fulfilled.

With the candidates for PM in the upcoming elections in Israel vying for every vote, the statement by a former PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, that if elected, he will not divide Jerusalem, the body politic of Israel must now decide if Jerusalem is indeed the major issue in this election. Another candidate for PM, the present FM, Tzipi Livni has been negotiating with the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Palestinian negotiator told the US Middle East Peace Envoy George Mitchell that Livni is ready to give a portion of Jerusalem for a Palestinian capital city.

The ancient Jewish prophet Zechariah wrote 2,500 years ago that Jerusalem would be intoxicating to those who control it, a cup of trembling, Zechariah 12:2. The prophet also said it would be a heavy weight, a "burdensom stone" for those who wanted to control Jerusalem, Zechariah 12:3. Jesus told Zechariah that He would come back to Jerusalem and build a Temple there, Zechariah 1:16.

It does not really matter who the next PM of Israel is, Bible prophecy will indeed be fulfilled.

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