Feb 3, 2009

America's Enemies Gaining Stature And Strength

By Bill Wilson

The United States is entering an ever darkening historic time. Its enemies are gaining in stature and its economy is subject to its enemies. An attack on the US becomes more and more likely each day. America may have survived an economic attack last summer when oil prices soared to record levels and gasoline went over four dollars a gallon. This attack, though relatively short lived, put money in the coffers of many of America's enemies and helped accelerate their plans against Israel and the United States. Now a weakened America, struggling with economic problems created by bad management, worse government, and dependency on Arab oil has enemies bringing the Republic into their crosshairs.

According to the United Nation's inept International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran is now actually close to building an atomic bomb. As a forerunner, Iran successfully launched its first satellite into space, according to Associated Press. This is an indicator that Iran's rocket and missile technology has advanced, and it is now capable of reaching far away places as well as having some communications technology in space-undoubtedly to be used for military purposes.

Another trouble spot is North Korea, who has been playing a cat and mouse game with its nuclear warheads. North Korea, also a missile and nuclear development partner with Iran, is preparing to launch a missile capable of reaching the US.

Meantime, AFP reports that representatives from the new administration, including former Defense Secretary William Perry, have been holding high level discussions with the very Iranian officials that have been lying to the IAEA about Iran's nuclear weapons program. The meetings are described as an attempt to find common ground on various issues. Israeli insiders are saying that the new administration is favoring the Saudi Plan for peace in the Middle East, calling for resettlement of Israel by over 500,000 Palestinians, giving Israel indefensible borders and bringing Jerusalem under the control of Islam.

Deuteronomy 28:48 describes the consequences for a nation not following God's commandments and statutes: "Therefore you shall serve your enemies, which the Lord shall send against thee, in hunger, and in thirst, and in nakedness, and in want of all things: and he shall put a yoke of iron upon your neck, until he has destroyed you." Yes, these are Old Testament curses on Israel, but they are also an example of what could happen to a nation that came into covenant with God through its founders and has since turned its back on God by the leaders its people have elected. Our response must be heart to heart combat-a struggle to turn the hearts of our family members, our neighbors and our countrymen back to Christ.

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