Feb 4, 2009

Abbas Asks The Beast To Confirm Peace

By Michael G. Mickey

The EU Observer is reporting that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, speaking before the European Parliament on this date, has asked "Europe to play a bigger role in the Middle East, renewing his calls for the presence of international peacekeepers and election monitors in the region after the Israeli war on Gaza, which he labelled a "war crime".

As this site [RaptureAlert.com] has been anticipating for years, the European Union - the revived Roman empire of Bible prophecy - is being given more and more opportunities to step into the role that seems to be predicted for it in Bible prophecy, particularly Daniel 9:26-27. And what role is that? That of being a prominent peacemaking power in the Middle East, something which is most often accomplished through the deployment of peacekeeping forces these days - precisely what Mahmoud Abbas is asking for!

Is prophetic posturing occurring?

The prophecy given to Daniel tells us a prince (or leader) of Roman descent is going to "confirm" (or make strong) a covenant of peace in the Middle East seven years in length. This he (the prophesied Antichrist) will do "with many".

The prince referred to in Daniel's prophecy is the Antichrist who will either be a great leader within the prophesied revived Roman empire we today call the European Union at the time he accomplishes what many believe to be an impossible diplomatic feat or he will swiftly ascend to being one upon confirmation of the peace covenant taking place. Establishing himself as a great peacemaker is going to set him on course, as improbable as it seems, to becoming the world's final global dictator before Christ's visible, physical, bodily return to the earth seven years later.

Readers, although there are numerous theories abounding these days concerning how events are going to play out concerning the advent of Antichrist, his background, ethnicity and religion, the one constant we can see, in my humble opinion, is the European Union becoming more and more integral in every aspect of critical concern to the international community, particularly in the wake of the global economic crisis.

Just today, for example, I read that European Union Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso is calling the euro a "protective shield" amid the global economic crisis." Membership in the rising Beast empire has its privileges it seems. Not only that, I'd be remiss to point out the very active role prominent leaders in the European Union are playing in bringing the world closer to a unified currency as a result of the global economic collapse, which is a gateway to creation of the one-world government prophesied to come.

While these are perilous times, as prophesied to occur in 2nd Timothy 3:1, we are also told that when we BEGIN seeing signs pointing to the onset of the Tribulation Period - and this is one to be sure - we are to look up, lift up our heads (instead of hanging them down) for our redemption draweth nigh! (Luke 21:28)

Come quickly, Lord Jesus!