Jan 13, 2009

Russia Prophetically Rises Against Israel As America Withholds Historic Support

By Bill Wilson

There are protests around the world against the Israeli defense of its citizens from terrorists in Gaza, but relatively nothing has been said about Russia's move to cut heating and cooking gas supplies to 20% of Europe during the coldest part of winter. Apparently, in the court of world opinion, it is more inhumane to snuff out terrorists that kill innocent civilians and use their families as shields against attack then it is to purposely try to freeze people in mid-winter to gain a financial advantage in a contract. In fact, those AK-47's and Qassum rocket materials used by terrorist must originate from somewhere-Egypt from Iran from Russia. Perhaps Russia is the one that the UN Security Council should be dealing with for world unrest.

The Israeli Defense Forces have been eradicating the infrastructure for the democratically elected terrorist group Hamas. An extensive network of tunnels has been built between Gaza and Egypt to smuggle weapons and supplies to terrorists. On January 10, the Israeli Embassy supplied evidence of a map confiscated on an operation. General Yuval Halmish said the map described the location of explosive devices and firing positions in the middle of the civilian population in a densely populated neighborhood. General Halmish says, "That's what Hamas has been doing throughout the entirety of the operation-perversely using civilians as human shields."

Meanwhile, Russia and 13 nations on the UN Security Council voted to condemn Israel for Gaza. The US shockingly abstained. Reuters reports that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert interrupted a Bush speech in Philadelphia to intervene. Olmert recounted the conversation during a recent speech: "I told him, 'You can't vote in favor of this resolution.' He said, 'Listen, I don't know about it, I didn't see it, I'm not familiar with the phrasing.'" Olmert said "I'm familiar with it. You can't vote in favor. . .He gave an order to the secretary of state and she did not vote in favor of it--a resolution she cooked up, phrased, organized and maneuvered for. She was left pretty shamed and abstained on a resolution she arranged."

The Bible prophesies in Ezekiel that in the latter days, Gog, generally considered Russia, will lead Iran and northern Africa in a colossal battle against Israel. The United States has been standing as the only superpower preventing such an attack, even though world opinion against Israel is overwhelming. Yet, at the beginning of 2009, the US for the first time in history has cast aside its support of Israel's right to defend itself. The Bible also prophesies in Zechariah 12:3 that all that burden themselves with Jerusalem "shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it." The Evil Empire referred to by President Reagan is on its prophetic rise, while the light of America is dimming.

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