Jan 2, 2009

News Media Shows Slanted Facts Rather Than Truth About Gaza War

By Bill Wilson

The Palestinian terrorists in Gaza are expert at manipulating the news media to their point of view. Already, the top media outlets have filled television screens with human interest stories of Palestinian women and children being blown to bits by the overpowering and relentless Israeli Defense Forces. Story after story appears with frantic Palestinian women crying out that their lives are disrupted by these terrible bombing raids, that there is no food to feed their families, that their husbands are missing. And while they are talking, there is chaos in the background of bombed out buildings and children being wheeled into hospitals that are supposed to be overcrowded due to Israeli attacks.

The story that is not told is far more compelling, but you won't hear it on CNN or the other major news outlets because they are providing a biased point of view. First, I know of few nations at war who actually provide medical aid and supplies to the enemy they are trying to destroy. Nobody with a mustard seed of God's goodness in them wants to create, maintain or revel in human suffering. The Israelis are not only opening the war zone to convoys of medical supplies, they are opening their own hospitals to Palestinians in need. Interesting, however, that a communication from the Israeli Embassy indicated that many of the Palestinian children treated in Israeli hospitals were victims of Palestinian fired missiles.

Another example of exactly what is going on is found in the Israeli assassination of senior Hamas terror operative Nizir Rian, who organized suicide bombings against Israelis. The Israeli Embassy issued this statement: "The multiple secondary explosions that resulted from the attack confirm that Rian's house functioned as a weapons storage facility. The house also served as a communications center, beneath which a clandestine escape tunnel for Hamas terrorists was located. Rian was in the house at the time of the attack, which was carried out successfully based upon IDF and ISA intelligence. As with all IAF activity, every possible effort was made to avoid collateral civilian harm."

While the news media is clamoring about how Israel is targeting civilians, the story of why some homes are targeted is totally missed. Hamas and the Palestinians house their weapons, command centers and leaders in civilian communities for two reasons: one is to cause pause when attacking because women and children will be harmed; and the other is to use women and children as shields against such attacks. The mainstream news media only tells part of the story from a slanted perspective. Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, "Take heed that no man deceive you." He also said in John 8:32, "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Seek the truth, not just the facts. The truth is never biased.