Jan 7, 2009

Israeli Embassy Says Israel Had Good Reason To Strike UN School

By Bill Wilson

All over the news is the story that the Israeli Defense Force purposely bombed a United Nations school in Gaza where citizens had taken shelter. Reuters and other news sources led with the image that some 42 citizens were killed by Israeli firepower, surely to bring more international pressure to bear on Israel to stop its assault on Gaza. Certainly, international pressure fueled by a news media sympathetic to democratically-elected terrorists has been intense as Israel continues its ground campaign with the purpose to eradicate the Hamas terrorist network that has been shelling innocent Israeli citizens for the past two years with over 10,000 missiles from strongholds in Gaza.

The Israeli Embassy has admitted that it purposely shelled the UN school, but it had good reason. Spokesman for the Embassy of Israel Jonathan Peled said, "Initial inquiries by Israeli forces operating in the area indicate that a number of mortar shells were fired at IDF forces from within the Jabalya school. Israeli forces had no knowledge of those present at the site; however, it is clear that it was not operating as a school. In response to incoming enemy fire, Israeli forces returned mortar fire to the source. Israel later identified two of the casualties at the site as Imad and Hassan Abu Askhar, who served as heads of the Hamas mortar units in Gaza. Israel regrets the loss of any innocent civilian lives."

Peled said that "Hamas has once again cynically chosen to use civilian sites from which to operate, thus endangering the safety of innocent civilians. This is not the first time that Hamas has fired mortars and rockets from schools, which deliberately uses civilians as human shields in their acts of terror. This was proven in the recent past with footage from an unmanned plane showing rockets and mortars being fired from the yard of an UNRWA school." Since the beginning of this military action, Israel has been totally open about its targets, its purpose and what it has done. The Embassy has provided pictures and videos of targets as well as evidence of thousands of tons of humanitarian aid entering Gaza.

There is much criticism in the news media and sympathy for the Palestinians, but there is little talk of how when the Palestinians had the opportunity to elect a government, they chose to elect Hamas terrorists to lead them. There is little discussion that a Hamas tactic is to use women and children as shields against Israeli attacks, then cry to the media when they are harmed. There is little discussion that the Palestinian fathers and husbands place their wives and children in harms way because they hate Israelis more than they love their families. Proverbs 14:34 says "Righteousness exalts a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people." The fruit of unrighteous leadership is often destruction of the innocent.