Jan 12, 2009

Israel vs. The Media-ites

By Jim Fletcher

I can’t take credit for the term “Media-ites.” It belongs forever to the great prophecy teacher David Lewis, who understood decades ago that the media would eventually turn on tiny Israel.

He was right.

The ongoing operation in Gaza, to clean out a ghastly assortment of death-loving terrorists, was sure to bring international condemnation for the Jewish state.

I’ve been following media bias for years and didn’t think I could be surprised anymore.

I was wrong.

A January 5 Associated Press story, by Ibrahim Barzak and Diaa Hadid (yep, I’m making a point) was so one-sided in slopping the Palestinian narrative on readers’ plates that I’m still reeling. The story detailed the horrors of a Gaza hospital and left no doubt that Israel is to blame. For everything.

Think for a minute. An AP writer who sees the fighting that close is not a critic of Hamas or any other Palestinian faction. Said writer or writers shill for the locals, who simply have no qualms about lying if that’s what it takes to deceive the international community (not that the international community needs an excuse to demonize Israel).

The descriptions put to paper by Barzak and Hadid read like yellow journalism from a century ago:

“Shifa's shabby halls echoed Monday with the sounds of people screaming and the wail of ambulance sirens. Many of the wounded were being treated in hallways by harried doctors and nurses running on little sleep. The hospital was powered by emergency generators after shelling damaged power lines.

“Since Israel began a ground offensive Saturday, most of the dead and wounded arriving at Shifa are civilians, as Israel's offensive shifts from air strikes to artillery shelling and fighting close to densely populated areas.”

These AP writers reported that 550 Palestinians had been killed, including 200 civilians. They then noted that three Israeli civilians and two soldiers had been killed. Get it? Mass slaughter of Palestinians, against a handful of Jews (and the tone of this kind of hit piece is that the Jews bring this stuff on themselves, anyway).

More pointed narrative follows:

“The hospital's most gruesome scene was in its morgue, where blood pooled on the floor and refrigerators meant to hold 35 bodies were crammed with 70, laid side-by-side in drawers.

“Lying on a gray mat on the floor, the three Samouni brothers appeared baby-faced and almost as though they were asleep, except for a large bandage wrapped around Issa's head.

“The children's father was also killed in what relatives said was an Israeli strike on a house in eastern Gaza City where the family had fled to escape fighting nearby.

“Relatives wept Monday and one man screamed for help for other family members he said were buried under the rubble of the house. ‘For God's sake, rescue them!’ he pleaded.”

More stomach-churning details emerge, followed by this gem:

“The Israeli army says it has no records of any of those strikes.”

Do you see what’s going on in this propaganda piece? The Israeli military “says” it didn’t hit these places. Translation: the Jews are lying.

Folks, this is meant for the consumption of gullible Westerners, who are all too willing to swallow the Palestinian line. You’ll notice that rarely does a journalist describe blood pooling on the floor of a building where Jews are slaughtered by homicide bombers. There is simply a dry reporting of facts.

I’ll say it plainly: journalists who shill for terrorists are going to bash Israel to death.

Journalism has been corrupt since writers pressed their own biases in soft clay in ancient Mesopotamia; this is nothing new. Still, with the technology today, a hardening of positions concerning Israel is immediate and global. This stuff stays in the air forever.

The Media-ites are determined to bury Israel, once and for all. Happily for us, God promised, most pointedly in Jeremiah, that in the last days, He would take the cup of poison out of the hands of the Jews and place it in the hands of their enemies.

Drink up, “journalists” everywhere.