Jan 3, 2009

Israel General Speaks Out About Gaza!

By Dr. David Hocking


Dear Pastor:

Israel is again in the headlines for taking defensive action to protect her citizens against the never-ending bombardment of missiles from Islamic terrorists dedicated to her complete destruction. And, once again, we are seeing misleading media coverage of anti-Israel demonstrations and condemnation from many factions, accusing Israel of being the “aggressor” and “occupier,” and “perpetrator of violence against innocent Palestinian women and children.” (Yet, little has been said as more than 6,000 Hamas missiles have targeted Israeli women and children.)

It is in times like this that the prayers and support of Christian friends are especially needed. The Consulate General of Israel has asked me to convey some basic points to help you better understand the facts of the current military operation in Gaza. We hope they will assist you in communications with your congregation and others with whom you are in contact.

A. ISRAEL IS NOT AN AGGRESSOR! Israel is defending itself after being terrorized by more than 6000 missiles launched from Gaza in the past six years! Israel has shown great restraint as lives and safety of her citizens – Jews and Arabs – have been under constant daily threat. Concession after concession has been made by Israel in hopes of gaining peace for the people of the region. Those efforts have been met with aggression and shelling. President-elect Obama upon his visit to the targeted city of Sderot in Israel responded to the bombing saying: “If missiles were falling where my two daughters sleep, I would do everything in order to stop that.”

B. ISRAEL IS NOT AN OCCUPIER OF GAZA! Three years ago, Israel unilaterally expelled its own Jewish citizens out of Gaza, turning over to the Palestinian Authority the homes and communities these Israelis had built and maintained for more than 30 years. The Palestinian leadership squandered this opportunity for peaceful coexistence with Israel, directing billions of dollars in donations that were given to them for the purpose of their people’s welfare on missiles and plans to destroy Israel. It is the people of Gaza who were the victims of Hamas.

C. HAMAS VIOLATES INTERNATIONAL LAW, NOT ISRAEL! Hamas puts military installations in populated areas, uses mosques, hospitals and schools as armories and children as human shields. It is Hamas that deliberately targets innocent civilians with no international condemnation. Rather, it is Israel they condemn for striking back at the bombers.

D. THE BOGUS CHARGE OF “DISPROPORTIONATE” FORCE! When the goal is to end the bombing of innocents and not merely retaliate, the correct level of force required must be proportionate to the difficulty of convincing Hamas that peace is in their own best interests. It is hard to even imagine or achieve enough force to combat the unbelievable level of hatred Hamas espouses.

E. GAZANS ARE THE VICTIMS OF HAMAS, NOT OF ISRAEL! The good people of Gaza have been victims of a fearsome leadership who are blinded by hate against both Israel and the West. Israel has seen to it that a continual supply of humanitarian aid is delivered to Gaza, in hopes that Hamas will distribute it to their people to improve their lives.

Israel again needs its Christians friends to stand in solidarity with her and to speak out at this crucial time, be it in letters to editors, email talk-backs, radio talk shows, at your church services or in personal communications – all are essential. We are grateful that yours continues to be a voice for truth on Israel’s behalf.

Faithfully Yours,

Shimon Erem
Founder and Chairman
Israel Christian Nexus