Jan 17, 2009

The Iranian Nuclear Threat

By Britt Gillette

The current Israeli incursion into Gaza has been a long time in coming. Ever since Israel pulled out of Gaza, it’s been nothing but a breeding ground for Hamas and those seeking Israel’s annihilation. But the real story in Gaza is not Hamas versus Israel, but Iran versus Israel (which is only a microcosm of Islam versus the rest of the world).

In the end, the Gaza conflict is really a proxy war between Iran and Israel. Why do I say this? Because Iran has been arming Hamas, Hezbollah, and various other terrorist organizations for years for the express purpose of waging a proxy war against Israel. Just as the United States and the Soviet Union fought proxy wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, we’re now seeing the same type of conflict erupt between Iran and Israel. Iran has too much to lose by directly confronting Israel. War with Israel would be devastating to Iran and the power base of its radical Islamist regime. So rather than attack Israel on its own, Iran is aiding and abetting others in their attacks – all the while, biding time for the day when Iran is strong enough to attack Israel in a more direct fashion.

As recent news reports suggest, Iran isn’t even trying to cover its tracks…