Jan 23, 2009

Gitmo And The 'Black Death'

By Hal Lindsey

Within hours of his inauguration, President Barack Hussein Obama issued executive orders closing Gitmo, the CIA's secret prison network and suspended military tribunals.

President Obama freely admits he has no clue what to do about the 250 inmates now housed there, but he's given his staff a year to come up with an answer.

I would have certainly felt a lot more confident about the future if his first official act had been more thoughtful.

He's only been in office a matter of hours and he's already hamstrung his own administration. What about future threats? The day before Obama took the oath of office, British newspapers reported the deaths of up to 40 terrorists in Algeria from the "Black Death" – the Plague.

The London Sun reported that the terrorists died "horribly" at a forest training camp in Algeria. The terrorists were members of AQLIM, al-Qaida in the Land of Maghreb, whom the Sun identified as the largest and most powerful al-Qaida group outside the Middle East.

Dr. Igor Khrupinov, a biological weapons expert at Georgia University, told the Sun: "Al-Qaida is known to experiment with biological weapons. And this group has direct communication with other cells around the world. Contagious diseases, like Ebola and anthrax, occur in northern Africa. It makes sense that people are trying to use them against Western governments."

Dr. Khrupinov, who was once a weapons adviser to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, added: "Instead of using bombs, people with infectious diseases could be walking through cities."

Somewhat cheerfully, the paper noted that al-Qaida chiefs are worried that the Plague might have infected other terrorist cells.

On a less cheery note is the possibility that the disease was passed on in weaponized form to other cells, or worse. Bubonic Plague is spread by bites from infected rat fleas. On the other hand, the Pneumonic Plague is more dangerous because it is an airborne bacterium that is spread like the flu.

The fact that these terrorists all died from Pneumonic Plague is therefore even more significant and terrifying. Terrorists infected by Pneumonic Plague would be infectious for a week or more before symptoms begin to show.

Symptoms include boils in the groin, neck and armpits, which can be concealed by a person's clothing. The fact that we know al-Qaida has within its ranks terrorists willing to infect themselves and die an agonizing death to cause the death of hundreds of thousands of infidel Westerners should cause even the liberals to reflect on their naïve handling of Gitmo. Gitmo held securely exactly the kind of Islamic fanatics that would volunteer for such a mission. Two hundred fifty of these suicidal maniacs for Allah are now about to be positioned for soon release.

The new administration has just committed itself either to releasing or finding somewhere to house hundreds of terrorists even as U.S. forces continue to take new prisoners. What happens with all of them?

Politically, this exposes the naiveté of the incoming administration. The policies that the new administration is now axing are the same ones that kept the nation safe from attacks on our shores since 2001.

What if a newly released Gitmo detainee managed to successfully attack the U.S. homeland again? One would think that the president's advisers might have thought all the implications through. But if they had, they wouldn't have recommended closing Gitmo first – without any workable plan to prevent the release of these unrepentant, self-confessed terrorists afterwards. These released terrorists will almost certainly lead the charge on future deadly attacks against Americans.

In the light of this first executive order, I think it's going to be an interesting four years – assuming we survive it. May God help us!


World Net Daily

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