Jan 9, 2009

A Formula For Perpetual War

By Hal Lindsey

As the current Israeli war against Hamas in Gaza continues, the worldwide propaganda assault against Israel grows exponentially. In the light of this, it's important to review a little history about Gaza. In 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza and completely turned its administration over to the Palestinian Authority. All of the Jewish settlements were disbanded and their residents forcibly removed. The Israeli agricultural, commercial and residential assets – which were considerable – were left for the Palestinians.

They promptly trashed and destroyed these valuable assets that would have greatly helped them feed their own people. They were given the freedom to develop what easily could have been something like a "Hong Kong" of the Mediterranean. Many nations poured billions of dollars into the coffers of the Palestinian leadership to help them realize that dream.

Instead, the Palestinians used the money to build a terrorist army. They purchased weapons and munitions to equip that army. They smuggled into Gaza a formidable arsenal and began to launch daily attacks on Israel's cities.

They didn't even pretend to build an economic infrastructure that would enable the Gazan citizens to support themselves. That's why the partial Israeli closure of the crossing points has made life so difficult for the average Palestinian. Most of them can only find work in Israel. There is none in Gaza.

Why? Because all of the economic development money was poured into terrorism. Despite this glaring fraud, the world insists on rewarding the Palestinians for their open deception.

The so-called "enlightened and responsible nations" have developed a formula for exclusive use against Israel. This formula determines under what circumstances and in what manner Israel is allowed to defend itself against terrorist attacks. First, the provocation must be many times more serious than would be necessary for other nations. Simple acts of war, such as hostage-taking or continuous missile attacks against civilian population centers, are not sufficient provocation to permit defensive measures.

Since 2005, more than 6,000 rockets have rained down on Israeli cities from Gaza. In a display of remarkable restraint, only after three years and thousands of unprovoked attacks did Israel finally feel sufficiently justified to launch a defensive response.

Now, the second phase of the anti-Israel propaganda assault kicks in. It begins almost immediately with the usual suspects – led by the Arabs, the Russians, the Muslims – all demanding an immediate Israeli withdrawal from its "invasion" of Gaza.

Right on cue, the members of the United Nations begin their usual chorus – charging that Israel's response is "not proportionate."

Finally, the media revs up their one-sided campaign. Their job is to spotlight the injuries and deaths of Palestinian women and children who are accidentally hit during the intense battles. Apparently, the months and years of constant bombardment lavished on the Israelis by Hamas thugs didn't trigger the media's interest. Only when Israel struck back did the signal go out for the mainstream media to join the fray.

In Gaza, Hamas terrorists hide in classrooms and hospital basements. They store weapons in mosques and use university laboratories for bomb-making factories. They are currently hiding long-range rockets in the basement of Gaza City's main hospital. They intentionally place women and children on the rooftops of buildings they know will soon be targets of the Israeli air force.

Then, when these human shields are killed or wounded by Israeli fire, the media vents their outrage on the Israeli gunner or pilot, not the calculating terrorist. The bodies of dead terrorists – or their human shields – are then paraded by the ever-accommodating media as "innocent victims of Israeli aggression." And the orchestrated calls for "proportionality" grow louder.

Following this oft-repeated formula, as the selected media images mount, the predictable demands for an unconditional Israeli cease-fire rise to a global crescendo. Moderate Western governments like France, Britain and other EU nations that have large Muslim populations begin to demand that Israel cease this "disproportionate war." The worldwide cry grows until finally the United States is bullied into not vetoing a Security Council resolution condemning Israel as an unjustified aggressor.

This is the formula that has always worked. The Islamic fundamentalists know this formula well. Terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas have perfected the use of this formula to the point of making it a "tactic of war." Islamic terrorists attack and fight until they begin to lose. Then the world rushes in and rescues them to fight another day.

"Proportionality" is the key word that has been especially adapted for use against Israel in order to guarantee its eventual destruction through attrition.

The historically accepted objective of defensive warfare is to eliminate an enemy's ability to harm you. The side that does that first is the winner. And until one side has accomplished that goal, the war continues.

The one overriding goal of Hamas is the annihilation of Israel. It's clearly spelled out in their Charter. They confirm it at every opportunity. The "enlightened nations" just can't grasp this reality. The 6,000-plus rocket attacks against Israel were provoked by nothing more than Israel's continued existence. As long as Israel exists, Hamas' goal remains unfulfilled. The numerous state-supported Islamic terrorist organizations feel the same way.

On the other hand, Israel has demonstrated that it will absorb almost any blow before resorting to war. Israel's one goal is to secure a lasting peace. To achieve that goal, Israel must eliminate the enemy's ability to wage war. If they don't, war will continue in perpetuity.

The U.N.'s definition of "proportionality" in the case of Israel's self-defense means that Israeli losses must be at least equal to Palestinian losses. If Israel follows this formula, it guarantees that they will eventually loose by attrition. It guarantees that war will continue until the Muslims get strong enough to finally obliterate Israel. Just think what would have been the outcome of World War II if the same irrational thinking had been forced on the allied armies fighting against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

Some argue that Hamas is just defending itself, and homemade missiles are the only weapons they have against Israeli warplanes and tanks. But Hamas is NOT defending itself against Israel when it shells Israeli cities. Israel has not occupied Gaza since its 2005 withdrawal.

However, if Hamas would cease firing rockets and sending suicide bombers into Israel, there would be no need to defend itself. The borders would be open and peace and prosperity would follow.

The indiscriminate firing of rockets into civilian population centers is internationally acknowledged as a war crime. It constitutes collective punishment under U.N. treaty law. But since it's Hamas firing against Jewish targets, the United Nations is silent. This is just another example of how international law is more binding on Israel than any other nation on earth.

There is no other nation whose conduct is subjected to closer scrutiny by "international law experts" than Israel – the U.N. appointed them for that specific purpose. But in the case of Israel, it can be demonstrated that Israel's enemies use U.N. international law against them.

Hamas claims its attacks are in resistance to Israel's closing of its borders. But the reason why Israel closes its borders with Gaza are never mentioned. None of Israel's critics ever consider that every time Israel opens its borders to Palestinian workers, a flood of suicide bombers are sent in. And when Gaza's international borders are opened, Hamas rushes in new and more powerful rockets to fire at Israel's cities.

What is it about Israel that makes it the world's pariah state? How can it be that no insult to the Arabs is too slight to justify wholesale murder, whereas no atrocity, no matter how outrageous, justifies an Israeli defensive response? It matters not how reasonable and legitimate the defensive action would be for any other nation. But leaders from around the world have streamed into the U.N. to defend the "Palestinian democracy" – as if such an entity exists.

It makes absolutely no sense in the natural. Only the Bible can explain the mystery behind the supernatural hatred of the Jews. Bible prophecy predicted that Israel would be miraculously reborn in "the last days." The Bible also predicted that a supernatural hatred against Jews would grow worldwide. This will be soon followed by Armageddon and the return of Jesus the Messiah.

All of this is being fulfilled to the letter before our eyes. So don't be surprised or afraid. Christ's return to deliver those who have believed in Him is coming very soon.