Jan 6, 2009

The Evil Nature Of Islam In America - Slavery, Hate Speech, Honor Killings On The Rise

By Bill Wilson

The Islamic culture is having a domestic impact on America and unless steps are taken to reverse the concept that Islam should be treated as a religion rather than a militant society, US citizens can expect the sovereignty of their nation to be challenged in future years. Honor killings, not a part of the Islamic religion according to scholars, but a part of Islamic culture, increased in 2008. Recent court documents indicate that Islamic child slavery has been on the rise in America. And Islamic militancy in the form of public protests is becoming more common, and more hateful toward both the nation that permits such so-called "religious freedom" and toward the Jewish people.

Slavery, especially child slavery, is part of Islamic culture. The Associated Press reported on December 28th that an Islamic husband and wife were convicted in Los Angeles of child slavery for bringing a 10 year old girl from Egypt to do 24-hour chores in their expensive mansion while living in a dark corner of their garage. The husband, Nasser Ibrahim, was sentenced to three years in federal prison and his wife, Amal Motelib, to 22 months. The report also cited examples of court cases and prison sentences in Michigan and Maryland where Islamists were found committing forced labor and child slavery.

In Ft Lauderdale on December 30, Tom Trento of the Florida Security Council caught on tape about 200 Islamists protesting the Israeli invasion of Gaza. They were carrying signs that read "Nuke Israel" and chanting to Jewish supporters of Israel across the street, "Your mothers are whores", "Go to hell", and "Nuke, Nuke Israel". One woman dressed in a burka, yelled "Murderers, Murderers, go back to the ovens. You need a big oven, that's what you need." An Imam led about 75 Islamists in prayer and chanting on the sidewalk "allah akbar." The protest then broke into violent shouting and demonstrating lasting through the night. One protester said that Muslims need to do a better job educating Americans on the beauty of Islam.

Found in Exodus 20:3 is the First Commandment which says, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." God was quite clear about the adultery of worshipping other gods. Men, women, children, cities, and nations were destroyed because the people and/or their leaders were practicing paganism or worshiping other gods. The United States was claimed and founded in covenant with the one true God by Christians. The basic premise of America is freedom-freedom of religion, freedom of speech. Islam is a militant society disguised as a religion and therefore should be treated as such. Throughout the Bible it is shown that nations perish when they allow false religion to gain a foothold.