Jan 5, 2009

Armageddon Week

By Joel C. Rosenberg

(Washington, D.C., January 5, 2009) -- Last night, "Armageddon Week" began on The History Channel. This is a series of several documentary films every night dealing with different angles on -- and different perspectives of -- the End Times.

In August, I was interviewed by a producer and film crew for this series and asked to describe an evangelical Christian perspective on Bible prophecies regarding the last days. The producers have emailed us to say portions of my interview will appear on tonight's (Monday) broadcast at 9pm eastern in a special entitled, "Seven Signs of The Apocalypse."

The description of the program reads: "The Seven Signs are clear: We will be struck by deadly plagues, famines and earthquakes, the sky will turn dark and oceans will turn to blood, and the antichrist will emerge to fight the final battle between good and evil. Could this all be true? Experts decode this powerful prophecy and come to a startling conclusion: there is now scientific evidence that many of these catastrophes could, in fact, be occurring….To reveal the ultimate truth behind the prophecy, this investigation will turn to the past to reveal why the prophecy was written, and why it keeps such a powerful hold on our imagination today."

I have no idea how the program has turned out, as I have not had the chance to see it. Moreover, I'll be traveling all day so I won't have a chance to watch tonight. But I did want you to be aware of the week-long series, and tonight's show, if you're interested.

God bless.