Dec 3, 2008

World Political System Supports Islamic Terrorism

By Bill Wilson

The Islamic war of aggression is exponentially growing in power and in opportunity as evidenced by the aftermath of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, and the world political system has contributed to the continuance and enhancement of Islamic terrorist capabilities. The Bush Administration's push to democratize Pakistan has established that nation as a new front for terrorism. The once strong-armed ally in the war against terror was diminished to a weak, terrorist-sympathetic democracy where negotiations and appeasement have birthed a powerful enclave for terrorists, even a new command post intersecting Iran and Afghanistan and providing entree to India-the world's largest secular democracy.

The role of Iran and Russia in the Islamic war of aggression is coming into clear focus. Security analyst DebkaFile reports that Russia is offering top salaries to those engineers who will expedite the opening of Iran's Bashaar nuclear plant next year. Iran will then be able to produce weapons grade plutonium. Already Iran claims to be processing enough enriched uranium to build one or two atomic bombs. Russia is one of Iran's strongest allies on the United Nations Security Council, and has actively blocked any substantial action to stop Iran's nuclear development. In addition, the UN nuclear watchdog, led by Islamist Mohamed ElBaradei, has dragged its heels for five years in confirming Iran's nuclear intentions.

Russia has also acted to bolster Syria's ability to provide weapons and technology to terrorists. And ElBaradei's UN crew was put in the embarrassing position to acknowledge Syria may have been building a secret nuclear program when Israel made the Syrian site a crater in September 2007. It is known that North Korean and Russian experts have been on ground in Syria, assisting the rogue terrorist sponsor with so-called "defensive" military initiatives. Iran appears to have ambitions to violently spread Islam throughout the world, and Russia is all too willing to assist Iran with the dirty work. Russia has oft adopted strategies to empower others to fight its battles, when strategically it wishes to dominate an area.

The Bush Administration's blind ambition to promote democracy in Islamic hotbeds has resulted in strengthening terrorists by their very election. The Obama Administration would appear to want to negotiate with terrorist states such as Iran while at the same time police individual terrorist activities as a violation of law rather than as tactics of war. Meantime, all political solutions will be focused on Israel's giving up land on the false and misleading premise that Islam will somehow reverse its historic DNA and become peaceful. The prophecy of Zechariah 12:3 regarding Jerusalem will be in play: "all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces."