Dec 2, 2008

World In Crisis: Hour Of Temptation

By Terry James

Planet Earth is on the brink of disaster. And, the impending crisis is as individual as it is collective. Winds of the times-altering sort pervade and saturate life in our communities–where we live most intimately. It is not just within the nation and the larger society and culture, but within our very living rooms that we are experiencing the transformation. Instant communication brings wave after wave of the portentous change invading our places of personal sanctuary. We cannot escape it.

It is much more than merely the historic firsts that have thrust the enigmatic Barack Hussein Obama to the U.S. presidency that ring alarm bells. Numerous developments pique the spiritual sensitivity meters of those who observe the dynamics of the times for possible prophetic application. Building events alert the spiritually attuned to the likelihood that America and the world have dramatically transitioned into an era that has brought this generation to the precipice of something profoundly ominous.