Dec 26, 2008

Russia Is Planning To Supply Missiles To Iran, Syria, Libya And Venezuela

By Jimmy DeYoung

A Moscow based newspaper reported that Russia has started fulfilling orders for air defense missile systems to seven countries including Syria, Libya, Iran and Venezuela, missiles that will be delivered within the next three years.

Russian officials are reporting that these are only defensive missiles that will not change the strategic balance in the Middle East and that they are standing by their agreement reached with Israel not to sell weapons in the region that could be used against the Jewish state. Meanwhile, the Israeli officials are saying these weapons being sold by Russia, these defensive weapons including surface to air missiles, would make it more difficult for Israel to launch a preemptive strike against one of its Middle East enemies.

Jimmy's Prophetic Perspective on the News

Russia selling missiles to Middle Eastern nations like Iran, Libya and Syria is a page out of Bible prophecy for the Last Days according to the ancient Jewish prophets.

For the last year, there have been rumors that Russia would sell anti-defense missiles to Iran so they could stop any attack on their nuclear program that is developing a WMD. Now, the reports coming out of Moscow reveal that Russia will be offering these missiles in sales to other Middle Eastern nations as well, including Libya and Syria. Both Israel and the US have protested these sales to the supposed enemies of the Jewish state of Israel. Israeli officials sent military leaders to Russia to try and prevent this transfer of military armament that could be used against the Jewish state.

This report, as I mentioned, is a page out of Bible prophecy for the Last Days. The ancient Jewish prophets Daniel and Ezekiel both speak about the nations listed in this report, Russia, Libya, Iran and Syria. Daniel 11 says that Syria will be the first of the aligned nations to come against Israel, Daniel 11:40-43. Ezekiel 38:2-6 mentions Russia, Libya and Persia, modern day Iran, as nations that will arm themselves to attack Israel.

Russian arms sells to Iran, Libya and Syria is indeed evidence that Bible prophecy is about to be fulfilled.