Dec 16, 2008

The Reason For The Season

By J.R. Hall

Tis' the season for remembering. But what is it that we are to remember? For many it is the remembering of Christmases past; times of good cheer and family and friends. But how quickly the societal pressures of season have all but erased the true reason for the season. Having a 'Merry Christmas' has slowly but effectively been replaced with the neutral words of 'Happy Holidays'; and the world seems no longer to care.

Even for those who remember it has something to do with the birth of God's Son long ago in Bethlehem, the memory remains somewhat in the background of all else that is going on. Like other legends and tales of lore, the reason for the season has all but been forgotten or reduced to a mere bedtime story. We have decorations of trees and lights, school plays and musicals, music and song, parties and gatherings, and snacks and goodies to make our belt lines jolly. All this we do for the sake of tradition, and we're not even sure why we do it, beyond the understanding that we always have.

What makes this time of year a celebration anyway? What's so special about December 25th that causes us all to stop our normal lives to decorate, buy gifts and spread cheer?