Dec 30, 2008

Israel Says It Is Ready For Weeks Of Action Against Hamas In The Gaza Strip

By Jimmy DeYoung

According to the Deputy Defense Minister in Israel, the Israeli military has made preparations for long weeks of action, a statement that confirms PM Olmert's declaration that what has happened so far in Gaza is the first of several stages of military action.

Israeli jets have continued their fierce air assaults on Gaza, the most intense attacks in decades, in order to stamp out militant rocket attacks by the Hamas terrorists on Israel. The US and Great Britain continue to blame Hamas for the conflict with Egypt and Jordan uncharacteristically quiet as there are demonstrations against Israel in the streets of the Arab world, but not much coming from Arab leadership.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The ongoing conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians made manifest in the Gaza Strip was foretold over 2,500 years ago by the ancient Jewish prophets.

As the focus of the world is on the Gaza Strip today, everyone must remember this conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has been going on for decades. From Israel's beginning in 1948 as a modern day nation among the nations of the world, the Palestinians have been doing all they can to keep Israel from becoming a state that could live in peace and security in the Middle East.

I said a moment ago this conflict had been going on for decades, I must correct that, this conflict has actually been going on for millennia, around 4,000 years, since even before the birth of Jacob and Esau while these two boys were in their mother's womb, Genesis 25:22. In verse 23 of that passage, the Lord says to Rebekah, the twin boys' mother, this conflict would continue as the boys both became nations. A study of God's Word would help you to understand the Palestinian people today are the descendants of Esau and the modern day Jewish state of Israel the descendants of Jacob. The prophetic passages found in Jeremiah 49, Malachi 1, Ezekiel 35 and the little prophetic book of Obadiah reveal that this conflict will continue until Jesus Christ comes back to settle the dispute.

The military action in Gaza is a precursor to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.