Dec 30, 2008

Gaza Operation Update

By Ray Gano

The IAF bombed multiple targets after three Israelis lost their lives due to rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza leaving 10 dead and around 40 wounded.

The IDF confirmed air strikes against dozens of targets in the central Gaza town of El-Bureij, near Khan Yunis in southern Gaza and in Gaza City, to the north of the Strip.

Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilna'i said that the IDF would see Operation Cast Lead through to its completion, and that Israel was prepared for long weeks of battle.

The three Israelis killed were IDF career officer, Sgt. Maj. Lutfi Nasr e-Din, 38, from Daliat Hacarmel, at Nahal Oz, a woman motorist, Irit Sheetrit, 39, mother of four, who sought shelter in the Ashdod bus terminus, 30 km from Gaza; and earlier in Ashkelon, Hani al-Mahdi, 27, a construction worker from the Bedouin Negev village of Ar'ur.

Military sources have put the number at a quarter of a million Israelis are now on round the clock missile alert due to the extended range of the Iranian-supplied, Grad-style missiles that Hamas is now deploying.

Overnight, the Israeli air force pounded the Hamas-ruled government compound in Gaza City, hitting the prime minister's office, and the foreign, finance and interior ministry buildings and Hamas command centers. The Palestinians report 10 people killed, raising their death toll in three days to 360.

Rumblings From Iran

An Iranian spokesman has said that Iran is currently preparing for operations against Israel.

This statement was given after a directive from the supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khameini was given for such actions in a speech he gave last Sunday.

Sources say that hardline clerics are working hard to recruit more voluteers to fight "against the Zionist regime" in the Gaza Strip "in either military, financial or propaganda fields."

On the other side of the issue is Egypt, who has blamed Hamas for the "Gaza Crisis" and is accusing Iran of trying to capitalize on the Palestinian conflict for its own gain.

12 Hours in Israel

Here is a minute by minute accounting of attacks in Israel from Midnight till noon given by our friends at

At 00.54 Kassam falls near kibbutz near Ashkelon
At 07.50 Kassam falls near a kibbutz in the Negev
At 08.22 Terrorist attack in Kiryat Sefer - a number of injured
At 08.26 Kiryat Sefer; Terrorist attack - a number of injured
At 08.31. Kiryat Sefer; shots fired at terrorist
At 09.36 Explosion heard in Ashkelon
At 09.39 Ashkelon; 4 injured from rocket fire in the centre of the city
At 09.43. Ashkelon; one severely injured and a number of other injuries
At 10.00 Ashkelon; One dead and 9 injured
At 10.21 Two missiles land in Ashkelon
At 10.36 No injuries or death arising from the missile into Ashkelon
At 10.43 Arabs threw rocks towards Rachel's tomb
At 10.50 3 Kassams fall near kibbutzim in the Negev
At 11.04 3 Missiles fell in Sderot
At 11.07 Arabs throw rocks at the Gush-Etzion - Hebron road and other areas
At 11.08 Arabs threw rocks at Hadassah in Hebron - damage to property
At 11.11. Rocket falls in Sderot. Two persons treated for shock
At 11.13. Two rockets fell in kibbutzim in the Negev
At 11.18. Rocket fired in the direction of Ashkelon
At 11.26. Two rockets fell in the area of Southern Ashkelon
At 11.48 Two Kassams fell in the Negev
At 12.05 Sderot was hit

This was just one 12-hour period.

With this in the south, Hizbullah and Iran saber-rattling in the north and Israeli Arabs rioting in Jerusalem, I ask for your continuous prayers on all Israelis.