Dec 12, 2008

EU Expansion To Global Government

By Chris Perver

A columnist for the Financial Times newspaper is predicting that not only is the formation of a one world government achievable, but that it is becoming increasingly likely that such an institution will be created within the not too distant future. Gideon Rachman believes that the European model, of individual states being governed by a supranational entity, could easily be expanded to a global level. Citing a number of global threats the world now faces, such as international terrorism, climate change and financial turmoil, Rachman says that individual states are being pressured into co-operating with each other on an expanding basis. Developments in mass-transit and communications have also served to increase the interconnectedness of the world. Add to this volatile mixture a change in the political atmosphere, with the election of Barack Obama to the US Presidency, and you have a recipe for creating a one world government.

Quote: "So could the European model go global? There are three reasons for thinking that it might. First, it is increasingly clear that the most difficult issues facing national governments are international in nature: there is global warming, a global financial crisis and a "global war on terror". Second, it could be done. The transport and communications revolutions have shrunk the world so that, as Geoffrey Blainey, an eminent Australian historian, has written: "For the first time in human history, world government of some sort is now possible." Mr Blainey foresees an attempt to form a world government at some point in the next two centuries, which is an unusually long time horizon for the average newspaper column. But – the third point – a change in the political atmosphere suggests that "global governance" could come much sooner than that. The financial crisis and climate change are pushing national governments towards global solutions, even in countries such as China and the US that are traditionally fierce guardians of national sovereignty.

Some will debate whether these global issues the world is facing today are genuine or not, or whether they have been purposely 'engineered' to bring about a desired outcome. I don't know the answer to that. The Scriptures don't go into the reasons why this world's weather will get increasingly destructive (Revelation 16), or why a third of the world's population will be wiped out in war (Revelation 9:14), or why a world government will eventually be set up (Revelation 13:3). But we are told these things will come to pass. While there is no doubt that these are Divine judgments upon man's sins, sometimes man is the author of his own punishment.

Proverbs 5:22: His own iniquities shall take the wicked himself, and he shall be holden with the cords of his sins.

The more men try to remove God from all their thoughts, the more God removes His protecting influence from their lives. One day God will give mankind what they have really wanted, a world without any form of moral restraint. In essence, a world without God. And He will stand by and watch as mankind brings itself to the brink of destruction. The same can be said of you and me. God will not force His way into your life. He created you, and as your Creator He knows what is best for you. God does not want to restrict your freedom, He wants to maximize your enjoyment of it. He wants to be part of your life. But He will not come in uninvited (Revelation 3:20). Will you leave the Lord outside of your life, and in turn face the consequences of your sins, which is eternal separation from God? Or will you invite Him into your life, and know the forgiveness of sins, and everlasting life in Heaven? The Bible says that unless you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, then you haven't even begun to live (John 10:10). Turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation today.


The Financial Times