Nov 5, 2008

The World Has Witnessed An Historic Election

By Jimmy DeYoung

The body politic of America went to the polls in record numbers and have elected the first Black President of the US, a history making event that will impact the entire world.

World leaders are saying that this US election of Barack Obama as president will help in the resolution to a number of global problems including the Iraq War, the Middle East conflict and the worldwide economic crisis. Many of the Arab and Moslem nations are very optimistic about a new direction in US policy and relations as it fits their plans for the future.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The reactions of world leaders to the historic US election of Barack Obama as president reflects political and prophetic significance for the future.

European leaders have voiced an enthusiastic response to the election of Barack Obama and say they look forward to working with the next US president to fix the global financial crisis. The mostly Black African continent responded with joy and pride as they watched what had been considered somewhat of a racist nation elect its first Black president. Middle Eastern states and their leadership have said they are pleased to see the change in the American administration and expect a new Middle East policy to come out of Washington.

These reactions to the American presidential election will indeed have a political significance in the future, but also a prophetic significance. The leader of the free world, the US president, will make decisions that will prepare this world for God's plan for the future as laid out in the prophetic scenarios that can be found in Bible prophecy. Ancient Jewish prophets prewriting history as to what will take place in the End Times as the Lord will use the next US president to set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled, Romans 13, I Timothy 2 and Revelation 17:17.