Nov 13, 2008

The Saudi Interfaith Conference At The United Nations Has Called For A Law That Would Consider An Attack On Islam As Blasphemy

By Jimmy DeYoung

As Saudi Arabian King Abdullah led an interfaith conference at the United Nations in New York City, there were claims that the meeting was a front to promote a global law against blasphemy which two religious freedom writers say would crush religious freedom around the world.

The claims are that Saudi King Abdullah pushed for a proposal sponsored by the 56 member organization of Islamic Conference, that wants a law that guarantees respect of religion but is actually a coded way of granting religious leaders the right to criminalize speech and activity that they deem to insult religion.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective On The News

The Interfaith Conference held at the United Nations and hosted by Saudi King Abdullah is a reminder of the part that religion will play in the future according to Bible prophecy.

Many believe it ironic to have Saudi King Abdullah host the Interfaith Conference at the United Nations in New York City instead of Saudi Arabia where the king does not allow for the public practice of any religion except Islam. The fact is that the king has a government agency in Saudi Arabia that patrols his country with whips to enforce the law. The claims that this United Nations conference was just a front to implement a global law against blasphemy seems to hold water when you understand the Saudi practice. It is reported that King Abdullah wants a global law that will criminalize any public statement or action against Islam and consider these attacks as blasphemy.

This scenario unfolding around the world is setting the stage for the prophetic scenario that is found in Bible prophecy on this issue. Revelation 17 speaks of a one world religion that will be in place during the first half of the seven year Tribulation period. This one world religion will not include Islam which is an exclusive religion and will not join a global religion led by the Antichrist from Rome, Italy (Revelation 17:9). In fact, Ezekiel 39:1-6 indicates that Islam will be rendered inoperative in order that the one world religion will be able to come to power under Antichrist.

This Interfaith Conference at the United Nations is indeed setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.