Nov 10, 2008

Prophetic Fulfillment - One World Order Arising On The Horizon

By Bill Wilson

Christians worldwide are entering into a new age of existence-one where the prophecies of the Bible are going to take center stage in discerning the times. Those who know and understand their scriptures will find less anxiety, more opportunity, and amazing enlightenment as to who God is and how his salvation plan is unfolding. Leaders on the world stage, thought by many to be conservatives, will soon turn toward the one world order and accelerate the global unification of economies, taxation, and military cooperation. Already there are recognizable signs of progress toward events beyond what Jesus Christ said were "the beginning of sorrows" in Matthew chapter 24.

Commanding the headlines is thought-to-be conservative Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of England. Brown is saying that the global financial crisis has given world leaders the opportunity to forge a global society and is urging leaders to seize the opportunity. According to the summary text of Brown's speech to the Lord Mayor's Banquet in London, Brown said, "My message is that we must be: internationalist not protectionist; interventionist not neutral; progressive not reactive; and forward looking not frozen by events. We can seize the moment and in doing so build a truly global society." Brown says the election of Barack Hussein Obama signals that Americans believe in government intervention to help global families.

Brown says that with Obama in the White House that the US and Britain can be the driving force behind creating a new world order where morality and ordinary people's interests are put first. Brown claims that the new world order will focus on "justice" issues such as climate change, democracy over terrorism, and wealth redistribution to rebuild fragile states and meet the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Brown says, "As America stands at its own dawn of hope, so let that hope be fulfilled through a pact with the wider world to lead and shape the 21st century as the century of a truly global society."

The Bush Administration has set the groundwork for such cooperation by introducing and pushing through Congress the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, which nationalizes banks and mortgage and provides for the financial partnership with foreign nations. Obama has signaled that he will use the President's power of Executive Orders to create policy. Obama also has stated his preference for a global society. With America now in alignment, the one world order crowd is preparing to set the stage for fulfillment of the Revelation 13:7 prophecy about the anti-Christ: "and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues and nations." Pray and act for the day of the Lord approaches quickly.