Nov 4, 2008

Barcelona Chosen As Headquarters For Mediterranean Union

By Chris Perver

Foreign Ministers from the European Union and Mediterranean states have finally agreed on a location for the headquarters of the newly established Union for the Mediterranean. Members of the 43 nation body met in the French port city of Marseille last night to discuss on the issue. The Spanish city of Barcelona, in which the Barcelona Process commenced in 1995, has been chosen as the headquarters for the new union. The decision comes after weeks of wrangling by EU and Mediterranean states, seeking to be the host of French President Nicholas Sarkozy's Roman renaissance. France, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan had also offered to host the Union for the Mediterranean, but doubts arose over Tunisia's human rights record, and my guesses are European leaders were not keen on France having the pre-eminence in the new body. It seems that Spain was chosen for its neutral status and historic affiliation with the Barcelona Process.

Quote: "Foreign ministers from the 43 countries overcame one hurdle at a meeting in the French port of Marseille, deciding to base the "Club Med" in the Spanish city of Barcelona. "I'm very happy (with) that," said the EU foreign policy chief, Spain's Javier Solana. "It is a great joy for me."

There have also been disputes over the insistence of the Arab League at being represented in the Union for the Mediterranean. Only a few Arab states are members of the Barcelona Process, but the Arab League has been granted Observer Status in the body. Israel objects to the Arab League taking part in the Union for the Mediterranean, for they have always opposed the Jewish state in everything they have become involved in. According to reports, this issue has largely been resolved, although details of the agreement have yet to be made public. In other news, the European Union is planning to send a letter to the winner of the US Presidential election, calling for a 'partnership of equals' on global issues with the next American administration. The letter will call for increased co-operation between the EU and US on foreign policy matters, including the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, relations with Russia and other global issues.

Quote: "Both candidates have their eyes turned towards Europe and have shown their interest in seeing both sides of the Atlantic working together," [French Foreign Minister] Kouchner said, predicting a new era of multilateralism. "The time is past when people asked what Europe was for. What we want is for our initiatives to be understood and shared." "The European Union has become more resolute," he argued, referring to the bloc's role in negotiating a solution to the Russia-Georgia conflict in August and its leadership on the global financial crisis. The French minister said it would have been "unthinkable" until recently for a united Europe to reach out to an incoming U.S. administration "as friends but especially as partners, to say here is what we could do together." "The world has changed, because we have realized that a great country, which will remain a great country, is not the only one concerned by the world's problems," he said.

Whoever gets into the White House, it seems that the European leaders are seeking to make sure the US avoids the mistakes of the past, in dictating the global agenda in the Middle East. In the past few months we have seen Europe demanding a greater say on global issues, including the Middle East peace process and global financial reforms. Prophecy scholars have long debated as to whether America is mentioned in end time prophecy. Apart from in Zechariah 14:2, I believe America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. I believe America is destined to follow the fate of the British Empire. We were once called 'Great Britain'. Unfortunately this country no longer deserves that title. And as Kouchner says, America will remain a great country, but like the British Empire that went before it, they will no longer enjoy that place of prominence in global affairs. I believe this letter from the leaders of the European Union to the next US Administration is representative of this shift in world dominance.

As you can see, everything that the Bible has predicted concerning the last days is coming to pass. The Bible states that the "wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God", Psalm 9:17. Sad to say that our nation has largely forgotten God, and America is following in our footsteps. You may not be concerned about the downfall of your nation, but what about your own downfall? Are you not concerned about that? The verse also speaks of "the wicked". The word "wicked" means morally wrong, condemned, guilty, ungodly. Does that sound like you? I know it sounds like me. The Bible declares that "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God", Romans 3:23. But praise God that just as "all have sinned", so God's salvation is also offered to "whosoever will". If you are condemned, guilty and ungodly, then there is good news. Jesus Christ died for you! The Bible says that "when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly", Romans 5:6. Jesus Christ bore God's punishment for your sins upon the cross, and all who believe on Him for salvation can have everlasting life in heaven (John 3:16). Turn to Jesus Christ for salvation today.

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