Oct 3, 2008

Russian President Medvedev: US Financial Crisis Is A Sign That America's Global Leadership Is Drawing To A Close

By Jimmy DeYoung

Predicting the end of the US domination, Russian President Medvedev says the present financial crisis in the US is a sign of the end of America's global economic leadership which is an argument many world leaders have been making for some time.

Medvedev says the US crisis is evidence that times when one country can dominate are gone for good, arguing that the American style of capitalism is to blame for the crisis. The Russian president called what has happened in America "financial egoism", a position echoed by many European nations including Germany, one of Europe's strongest economies.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Russia's accusation that America's present financial crisis has diminished the dominant position of the US on the world stage is actually evidence that Bible prophecy is moving closer to fulfillment.

Russia is not the only nation that claims the present financial crisis in America is taking a giant step towards removing the US from its dominant position on the world stage. Truth be known, the financial markets around the world have suffered because of the US crisis. Because of this seemingly fall from global leadership, the US may be slipping in its superpower status.

This scenario leads me to the question that is most asked in any Bible prophecy Q and A. Where is America in Bible prophecy? My answer is that the US is not mentioned in Bible prophecy with maybe the exception of Zechariah 14:2 where the prophet says all nations will be gathered at Jerusalem just before Jesus Christ returns to the earth, Zechariah 14:4. My belief, based upon my many years of study of Bible prophecy, is that the Rapture of the Church will render America inoperative and cause the US to fall from its power position.

We may well be watching the beginning of the end for the US superpower status preceded by the Rapture.