Oct 28, 2008

The Dual Covenant Heresy: More End-Time Deception

By Jan Markell

If you hadn't guessed, Olive Tree Ministries is pro-Israel. In fact, we would be labeled a "Christian Zionist" organization, which certain radio ministries have derided in a most non-Christian manner. We love the Jewish people and I have or had many Jewish family members who were believers. Others went to their graves ignoring the Messiah and His message.

I have mixed feelings when it comes to various "Nights to Honor Israel" being held around the country. A local mega-church in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area has had some in recent years. I attended in 2007 and was so bitterly disappointed -- in fact, sickened --that I chose not to go back last week. Forgive me if this takes on a twinge of being harsh. That is not my purpose. I am just passionate that all come to a knowledge of the Savior while there is time. I would also like to know when was the commandment to take the Gospel to the Jew abrogated? (Romans 1:16)

Both this year and last year the pastor of the Word of Faith mega-church ended the program by telling both Jews and non-Jews in the audience that the Jews do not need to be either evangelized or "saved." They automatically are. Pray tell, where does the Bible say that?? The pastor said that "all Israel will be saved." (Romans 11:26) Yes, they will be saved when they see Him whom they pierced. (Zechariah 12:10) But a remnant must be reached before that. What is to be made of the Jewish revival (or Messianic revival) of the last 35 years?

This pathetic position is borne out of "Dual Covenant Theology." If you understand no other heresy today (and most of us are busy putting out heresy fires as there are so many), pay attention to this one. It could lay the groundwork for saying all sorts of people do not have to be saved to enter Heaven, which is just blatant Universalism.

"Dual Covenant Theology" teaches that Jews can be saved without believing in the Messiah Jesus. God supposedly has a separate plan for the Jews and thus faith in the Messiah is not necessary. Romans 3:23 is also tossed out, which says that, "the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto ALL and upon ALL them that believe: FOR THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE." John 14:6 quotes Jesus Himself: "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father but my Me." How much clearer can it get??

The sad fact is that there are those who "love the Jews to death" -- literally. In their zeal to be popular with the Jewish community and in not wanting to "offend" Jews, they do not want to tell them the truth about eternal life. A small band of these people are "Christian Zionists"; however, most in that movement, including this ministry, profoundly reject the "Dual Covenant Theology." We love the Jews enough to witness and risk "offending them" so that we might love them into Heaven.

Years ago a Jewish believer dared to "risk" and "offend" my Orthodox Jewish dad. Had this man not done so, as of my father's death in 2001 he would now be in the flames of hell. But as he neared death that year, he did not die in fear as he gasped for breath in his closing minutes.

With that in mind in 2007 when I attended the "Night to Honor Israel" at this same church, I was seated in an all-Jewish section simply because seating was scarce. As I sat down, a Jewish man -- a total stranger to me -- turned and said to me, "We Jews are safe here. We know no one will try to evangelize us at this church. We know it does not believe in witnessing to Jews." He was right. This mega-church would rather please the Jewish community and "love them into eternal damnation." So this "Night to Honor Israel" was really a "Night to Curse the Jews."

What an end-time trick of the devil! Convince the church that there are some groups -- including God's own Chosen People -- that they can be saved without the cross! I have met many people from this Twin Cities' church. They are wonderful people but are being misled by a Pied Piper of heresy. And there are many others like him supposedly "honoring Israel."

A prominent promoter of this theology was confronted by a missionary to the Jews in Texas. The missionary is Spencer Parker from "Light of the Messiah Ministries." He has given me permission to print this. He wrote the following to me: "During the reception (after the 'Night to Honor Israel'), I went up to him and said, 'As a Jew, I have been told that if I were to die without accepting Jesus I would be condemned to hell. Is this true?'

"The pastor assured me that if I studied the Torah and lived by its teachings, I have nothing to worry about. Those are his exact words." This high-profile church also has repeated "Nights to Honor Israel" but withholds the most important message: The gospel of salvation through Messiah Jesus Christ.

The hour is much too late to let this go by. Challenge these false teachers no matter how "prominent" they are. They are not just deceiving Jewish people, they are deceiving and confusing their own loyal followers who deserve better. I believe they are dishonoring God and will have to answer to Him some day. It may not be a pretty scene.

While these churches think they are "honoring the Jews," they are, in fact, acting out a perverted anti-Semitism of the worst kind. Ushering the Jewish people (or anybody) into hell by withholding the gospel is hardly blessing them or doing them a favor.

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