Oct 8, 2008

America’s Invincibility Shattered

By Jan Markell

Americans have been guilty of a sense of invincibility. Since we excel at nearly everything and have an unrivaled quality of life, most Americans feel nothing could bring us down. Until October 2008.

Now we have seen that even our economic dominance is in jeopardy. Threatened by a financial tsunami, The People’s Daily out of China states, “The world must consider building a financial order no longer dependent on the United States.”

The Washington Times had a bold headline October 1, 2008, reading, “Foreign Economists Urge ‘Global Plan.’” The story went on to say, “Leaders and economists from Western Europe to East Asia urged that America go beyond reviving a failed domestic bailout and start working on a new global financial system. The next U.S. president should immediately call for a second ‘Bretton Woods’ conference to devise a new doctrine of international finance.’ ”

There is global panic. Wall Street Guru Warren Buffet states he has never seen such fear. So where is it going? We have just put a band-aid on a cancer sore and call it a “bailout.” As Newt Gingrich says, “We're also far from out of danger. If we do not create an economic recovery program, we will be facing another bailout next year.”

French President Sarkozy is looking to Europe and the European Union to solve the crisis. We know Europe takes on prominence in the last days and America declines.

Where is this going? One of the most important radio hours I have done in nine years was last Saturday, October 4. My guest was Gary Kah who has been looking at globalism issues for 20 years. He has said on my program more than once, “We are one disaster away from global government.” So is this the disaster? Maybe. At the very least it is a run-up to it.

Gary says, “Once the current system has become completely undone, I believe a new system will be proposed as the solution. It will include some form of global government. Global planners have long understood that there can’t be a new one-world system until the old order has failed.” The old order is failing.

Since the U.S. government is almost as broke as the institutions it is trying to assist, won’t minds be more open now to this idea? Who is going to bail out the U.S. government when it goes broke? And it likely will. We just don’t know when. With America bogged down in so much debt, it will take a global solution to fix not just our economy but the economies of the world affected by the American meltdown.

Yes, things have to get very bad for America to accept a new way of doing finance. However, the book of Revelation clearly points to a coming one-world system as well as a one-world religion and a cashless society. Are we being primed? Absolutely. The “bailout” provided a very temporary lull so that America and the world didn’t grind to a halt.

Those trusting in men and government have put their faith in the wrong place. False assurance has been signaled now that the FDIC will “insure” accounts up to $250,000 in one bank. However, the FDIC does not have enough money to follow through with this commitment.

The plan will be sugar-coated. With a global government, we can outlaw war! Perhaps radical Islam will be seduced into going along with the plan, and our war on terror will end. All human conflicts can be worked out through law. This will cost far less than financing your nation’s defense against all other countries. Many issues such as poverty, climate change, human rights, and more will be under control with global government. Isn’t this better than credit cards being recalled, car and school loans being denied, factory closures, bank closures, and millions out of work?

The impression has been that the government has solved the problem when it is government that has created the problems. And a new presidential administration is not likely to make things better if part of its strategy is to raise taxes. America is clearly at a crossroads and it may be difficult to stop the rampage of global government as outlined in the Bible.

I appreciated the way my radio guest Gary Kah ended the interview. He states, “This needs to be a time to draw near to Jesus and to be in step with His will. Get your priorities straight. Remove time-consuming, non-fruit-bearing clutter from your life. Choose to be an instrument for God. Be committed and dedicated to His call on your life.”

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