Oct 3, 2008

3 Seconds, 7 Simple Words, Eternal Consequences

By Stan Goodenough

The critical question lurked like a rattler in the long grass of foreign policy issues, after the debaters survived an interrogation into the Wall Street meltdown and were just beginning to lose their nervousness.

Then it struck. And Sarah Palin fell…

I just returned from nearly three weeks in the south-eastern United States. Everywhere I went I expressed the conviction that Senator John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin signified nothing less than that the God of Israel is still extending grace, mercy and favor to America.

Back here in Jerusalem I awoke at 3.30 this morning to watch and pray through the debate as it happened. I marveled at the way Mrs. Palin engaged Mr. Biden – with poise, confidence; piercing focus as she prepared her rebuttals, smiling eyes as she launched them.

Everyone “knew” how relatively inexperienced the Alaskan governor was in foreign policy issues. So it took pundits by surprise to see and hear how quickly and thoroughly she had learned. Fox News Channel’s popular Fox and Friends presenters reported that in all the history of that show never had there been such a flood of email responses from viewers asked who they thought had won the debate. Tens of thousands mailed in, 87 percent of them giving the gold medal to Palin.

In so many ways her performance was an answer to untold numbers of prayers that were going up on her behalf. And then:

Moderator: Governor, you mentioned Israel and your support for Israel.

Sarah Palin: Yes.

Moderator: What has this administration done right or wrong — this is the great, lingering, unresolved issue, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — what have they done? And is a two-state solution the solution?

Palin: A two-state solution is the solution.

Seven simple words. A little more than 50 minutes into the 90 minute debate, they took barely three seconds to say. How easy it would have been to miss them in the midst of all the hype and focus that surrounded this event. How tempting to dismiss them as really not all that significant in the “greater scheme of things.”

But unless they are repented from, the consequences of following through on this belief will fundamentally and detrimentally affect the national history of the United States.

History will show that unless this “solution” is recognized as nothing less than a total betrayal of Israel and turned from, the curtain will fall on America as a DIRECT result of its pursuing this policy.

Let me say it again. America’s future as a great and God-blessed nation hinges NOT primarily on the numerous other important issues that were addressed by Palin and her Democratic opponent Joe Biden in their debate in St Louis, MO.

It rests, first and foremost, on this point.

It doesn’t get more serious than this: The two-state solution is the division of God’s land. It is the bullying theft of that land, which God gave to Israel, from a small nation that looks to mighty America (whether or not they should) to support their claim to, and possession of, this land.

It’s immoral: Chief “peace process” sponsor America pressing on another, historically endangered, nation to gamble with its existence in order to benefit the USA and the rest of the world.

And it’s cowardly: Don’t tell me a two state solution is the solution and there is no other way to go. There is another way – the right way, the only way, and that is a 23-to-1 state solution.

There are 23 Arab states that already exist, and just one Jewish state; the Arabs have 940 times more land than the Jews would have even if they had all of their tiny territory. The Palestinian Arabs have never had a nation in this land. The Jews have always had this land in their hearts.

The land-for-peace-process is wrong in God’s Book. The nations that support it are on a collision course with Him.

The LORD has vowed to judge the nations that divide up this land (Joel 3:2). He has a day of vengeance on the nations for the controversy of Zion. (Isaiah 34:8) He will trample these nations in the winepress of His wrath (Isaiah 63:3-4).

“A two state solution is the solution.”

Seven simple words. And yet on them, more than on any other, everything depends.

My disillusionment was shared by others. Within minutes I had received two emails:

#1 “[It] doesn’t matter anymore who’ll be president. Palin uttered the oh-so-stupid words “the two-state solution, is the right solution”. Talking of the bridge to nowhere…! Man, what a disappointment. Well, I guess He has unwaveringly set the plan into motion. May God help us now.”

#2 “I must say my heart sank when she said she was in agreement with Bush regarding a two state solution. I am praying that God will surely reveal the truth to her. If she continues this policy we are no better off and the ax will surely fall.”

In response I wrote:

“I was watching with you live, and felt sick from the moment she said those words. For the last few hours I have been wrestling intensely with the Lord on how to best respond. At least one other person wrote me immediately after the debate and expressed what you did. In my spirit, though, I hear God saying, ‘Don’t write off what I have not written off.’ And His gentle reminder – ‘I did not write you off with your first wrong move, or with your thousandth.’ As long as it is still daylight we are to work - and I - and many others, will be working on Palin.”

We may be at night’s door, but while there is light we have to fight! And we will.