Sep 26, 2008

The Wall Street Meltdown Could Lead To Another Holocaust

By Jimmy DeYoung

Israeli leaders say the present economic crisis in the US, which is affecting the world economic system, could be setting the stage for another Jewish Holocaust since the Wall Street meltdown has thrown the future of the American economy into uncertainty.

Quoting the late Jewish activist Rabbi Meir Kahane who said, "In bad times, Jew haters hate Jews loudly and when times are economically terrible, they hate Jews violently", these Israeli officials said this current economic crisis is a template for a Holocaust. One official stated that people think a Holocaust starts with concentration camps, but the truth is a Holocaust starts when the people perceive this economic crisis is the result of the Jewish leadership in the global financial markets.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Whether the present economic crisis in the US and across the world will result in another Jewish Holocaust or not, there will be a major Holocaust in the future according to Bible prophecy.

There are concerns in the Jewish world for the possible rise in the Antisemitic violence because of the present global economic crisis and many believe that the crisis could be a springboard to another Holocaust. If history teaches us anything, we can learn from the WWII Holocaust that the leader, Adolf Hitler, killed six million Jews and used the terrible financial times of the Great Depression as a motivation to eliminate the Jewish people.

As a student of Bible prophecy, I cannot state that the present economic crisis will result in another Holocaust, but I can state that the global economy will be a major player in the End Times and there will indeed be another Holocaust, one much more diabolical than the first. Revelation 18 reveals a worldwide economic power in Babylon that will force all humankind to receive a mark to be able to buy or sell, Revelation 13:12-16. Zechariah 13:8 foretells of a Holocaust that will kill two out of every three Jews in the world during the time of Jacob's Trouble. That is twice as many Jews that were killed in the first Holocaust.

Economic crisis or not, there will be another Holocaust.