Sep 2, 2008

Israel To Get More Land, Not Less

By Bill Salus

America the beautiful, but rapidly becoming less bountiful, has presently found itself in a precarious position. Economic misery, coupled with bad Middle East company, has the Bush administration feverishly focused on forcing the infamous Roadmap to Peace into immediate implementation.

While Condoleezza Rice is scurrying about in an attempt to open escrow on a performance-based two-state solution in the Holy Land, the ancient enemies of Israel are restocking their deadly arsenals.

Undoubtedly, the time has come for the United States to get in with the theopolitical program or get out of the geopolitical theater. Although short sales run rampant in America, foreclosing on Israel in the end times is not biblically endorsed!

Modern-day Israel miraculously exists in fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and unless the Judeo-Christian Jehovah fibbed about Abraham's future fortunes in Genesis 15:18, portions of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Saudi Arabia belong to, and are about to be possessed by, the modern-day Jewish state.

As a student of prophecy and author of the new book "Isralestine," I believe I can say without equivocation that Israel's peace in results from their piece of the Promised Land.

Call it ridiculous or illogical, but it is an inheritance dating back 4,000 years. In fact, it is this title deed that the ancient enemies of Israel have contested from time immemorial. The tiny "small notch" of land the world calls Israel today is nowhere near the size and scope of their G-d intended homeland.

For 60 years, the international community has unsuccessfully attempted to negotiate a Middle East solution, and a flimsy, inflammatory "Roadmap" is its best foot forward. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, the days of antiquated declarations, partition plans and politically brokered real estate deals have concluded for the "Chosen."

In "Isralestine: The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East," I present the seldom discussed prophecies that declare the time to step aside has come! Futile attempts to reconcile irreconcilable differences are about to fail, and the world is about to witness ancient tribes "duke it out," or even worse, "nuke it out."

Throw all the wealth of the world at the enemies of Israel and they will not change their adversarial attitudes. This issue must be dealt with at its root level, and that is exactly what the Hebrew prophets were instructed to tell us.

The ancient enemies of Israel have left their G-d no other option but to flex His muscles in the Middle East. The world cries "heaven forbid," but heaven foreknows that a climactic Arab-Israeli conflict is on the nearby horizon. While the world desperately seeks a final solution, the terrorists and their state sponsors have become alarmingly armed and dangerous.

One need not be a religious person to realize that forcing the Jews to sit alongside those Islamic fundamentalists opposed to their ethnic existence is an extremely unreasonable request. In these troubled times it may not be easier, but it is certainly wiser to be prophetically sound than politically correct.

The time has come to roadblock the Roadmap, open the Bible and watch the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob restore the fortunes of the Jewish people. They belong right where they are and then some. Their Arab enemies, in fulfillment of Psalm 83, will mount a final attempt to destroy the nation Israel, and quoting Yul Brynner, in the 1956 Cecil B. Demille movie "The Ten Commandments," "so let it be written, so let it be done."

These are the days when the Jewish people need not negotiate, but rather remember their heroic stories like David defeating Goliath, Daniel the lion tamer and Joshua fighting off the giants. The sands of time have run out in the Cradle of Civilization for political solutions to religiously rooted jihadist problems.

"Isralestine," available through WorldNetDaily, opens up the ancient prophecies before the investigative eyes of the world and challenges them to dust for Divine Fingerprints.