Sep 6, 2008

ISNA's Illegal Endorsement Of Obama And Obama's Illegal Campaign Presence At ISNA's National Convention

By Sean Osborne

Question: Pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) regarding "electioneering activities," exactly how many flagrant violations need be committed by the Islamic Society of North America for the benefit of the campaign of the Democrat presidential nominee Barack Hussein Obama in order for federal authorities to act and the media to take notice and report the story?

And after how many illegalities were the Barack Obama campaign, the Democrat Party and the Islamic Society of North America going to report or disclose these illegalities occurred pursuant to Public Law 106-230 as signed by former Democrat President Bill Clinton back in July of 2000?

The apparent and obvious answer as detailed on The NEIN Blog yesterday is: more than two.

This is breaking news that is just now entering its second 24-hour news cycle. Patrick Poole got the ball rolling yesterday by posting on the Central Ohioans Against Terror website about the illegal electioneering (per IRC 501(c)(3)) presence of the Obama campaign at the national convention of the Islamic Society of North America in Columbus, Ohio just two days after the conclusion of the DNC Convention in Denver, Colorado.

Very shortly thereafter I learned from former AFOSI Special Agent Dave Gaubatz ( and that not only was there an illegal Obama campaign presence at the ISNA convention, but that during a joint speech to the conference attendees by Congressman Andre Carson (D-IN) and Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) an offical representative of ISNA announced a formal ISNA endorsement of Democrat candidate Barack Hussein Obama. It was after this endorsement that CAIR Executives were observed speaking to the ISNA representative.

In addition to the two identified Democrat Congressmen, the identities of the ISNA representative and the CAIR Executives will be revealed shortly. This will occur following a detailed review of a videographic record of this specific event.