Sep 17, 2008

An Intelligence Report Reveals Moslem Antisemitism Is A Strategic Threat To Israel

By Jimmy DeYoung

According to a recent intelligence report, Moslem Antisemitism is growing in scope and extremism to the point that it has become a credible, strategic threat to Israel and Israeli policy makers are concerned with the potential danger this may pose to the Jewish state.

The report indicates that by educating generations of Moslems with a deep animus toward Israel and Jews, this Antisemitism actively propagated by many Arab and Islamic states in the Middle East holds back the peace process and normalization efforts between Israel and Moslem countries. The report says this is prejudice that is evil, it is ideological incitement by states and organizations with the practical means of translating it into evil action.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A growing Antisemitism among the Moslem states in the Middle East is not only a strategic threat to Israel, but a page out of Bible prophecy for the Last Days.

The recent intelligence assessment that was released by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center reported that Moslem Antisemitism is growing in scope and extremism and Israeli officials are on alert due to the strategic threat this phenomenon poses to the Jewish state. The basis for this growing Antisemitism among Moslems, according to the report, is coming from strictly Islamic reasoning. It's an Anti-Jewish hatred developed through new interpretation of Islamic history and the Scriptures.

Indeed, a study of Biblical history of two men, Isaac and Ishmael, will give us better understanding of this strategic threat. Isaac had a son named Jacob who had twelve sons, the twelve Tribes of Israel, which are the Jewish people of today. Ishmael also had twelve sons, but did not father the Arab world, instead Ishmael went to Arabia and fathered one nation, Genesis 17:20. He fathered the modern-day state of Arabia which is the birthplace for the Islamic faith.

A hatred that goes back 4,000 years is the reason for Islamic Antisemitism, which Bible prophecy said would indeed come to pass.