Sep 19, 2008

Carbon Dating Bible Prophecy

By Nathan Jones

No two parts of the Bible are more widely disputed than the early chapters of Genesis in the beginning of the Bible and the Book of Revelation at the end of the Bible. Those sections concerning the creation of the universe and recreation of the earth by flood, and Jesus' return to rule and implement our final life's destiny, are scoffed at endlessly. This is understandable, for to undermine God as a Creator and as the Ruler seemingly pushes forward Satan and man's quest for total separation from God's control (which, by the way, God grants in the form of eternal separation, even if people don't like that the destination is Hell).

I began writing this with the purpose of providing yet another chink in the argument for those who scoff at the Bible by reporting on a report titled "Research Finds Carbon Dating Flawed" (September 10, 2008). The report states what I believe most of us already know but some refuse to acknowledge — that carbon dating, whether radioactive Carbon 14 or stable C12/C13, cannot be relied on to give an accurate reading of the age of anything. Such unreliable dating has been proven again and again in animals both alive and dead who have had different body parts tested with the readings resulting in thousands of years of age difference within the same animal.

What is more interesting to read are the posts to the report, and what this article is now about. Beginning with the fear that the Intelligent Design supporters would jump all over the dating failure as support for their theory, the posters began an all out blast-fest of supporters of creationism. The rhetoric devolved into accusations that Bible believers are unintelligent acolytes who ignore the "vast amount" of data and scientific organizations that say there is no God and support evolution as "fact."

This vehement response to me is not unexpected. I could launch into many arguments myself on why evolution is an unprovable bullet-riddled theory, point to stories of scientists being harassed by their institutions to prop the party evolutionary line, and cite Bible texts that give God's response to the debate. Supporters of evolution and deniers of God have already heard all that, though.

What the detractors haven't heard is that Jesus fulfills Bible prophecy. How can one say the Bible is false when it got 108 distinct predictions of Jesus' First Coming dead-on, exactly bulls-eye right? How can anyone deny the signs of the time that point to the soon return of Jesus Christ? What will people say as the 500 prophecies concerning Jesus' Second Coming begin to be fulfilled? Nothing. Bible prophecy being fulfilled silences any rational argument. Bible prophecy being fulfilled proves that the Bible is an accurate record from Creation to Eternity. Period.

God and His Word can be trusted as a secure foundation for one's life, worldview and understanding of the cosmos.