Sep 25, 2008

The Bailouts Are Part Of A Conspiracy Leading To The Beast Economic System?

By Don Koenig

The bailouts may bring us one step closer to the one world Beast economic system but there are some things said in this article that quite frankly make unfounded innuendos about people in our government and in the financial management of our money that are just not appropriate.

The article seems to paint that since the great depression we have been control by a worldwide conspiracy that is deliberately leading us to the Mark of the Beast system. There is no such conspiracy there is no such evil cabal of men. What is happening is the inevitable results of man’s mismanagement of the world’s economic systems. Man is designed to organize and manage things on the earth and anywhere you have civilization management is going to take place. Otherwise you have anarchy.

Because of the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life one thing man does always leads to another. He overspends and goes into debt (the borrower will be the slave of the lender) so he becomes enslaved by the lenders through his own debt to them. The lenders are people of the same nature and they do the same thing and end up being the slaves of those with more money etc., soon everyone is owing more than they can pay and the debts have to wiped clean or the whole system collapses. That is where the U.S. is at now.

God had a way to deal with that weakness in man in the law. There was a Jubilee every fifty years where everyone’s debts were wiped out and they were to start afresh. We of course do not do what God instructed Israel to do in the law so we just keep piling up debt until the system has to collapse. When the latest modern collapse of the monetary system takes place the world elite will not want to make the same mistakes again so they will create the best system they can with the tools that they have available. In the future that means RFID tags, embedded chips and a secure worldwide economic system.

It is not really a sinister conspiracy plot as some try to sell. If man could actually manage his own sin on earth he would not need bailing out by a Savior. In addition, as long as the Church is here to be salt and light things on earth may get bad but they are not going to get totally out of control. It is only after the restrainer is taken out of the way and Satan is cast out of Heaven that the Beast system takes control of the inevitable world electronic economic system. Before Satan and his angels are cast out of heaven there are no restrictions on taking part in any of this. The electronic system only becomes sinister after the angels are cast out unto the earth and force people to take the mark and worship the Beast in order to buy or sell. Only when Satan has control of the whole earth does world electronic banking fulfill Bible prophecy.

Let’s not put the cart before the horse here and think that Satan actually can do anything he wants now, he cannot. He answers to God and only in the last 42 months does God give Satan free reign on earth in order for him to deceive those who would not have Jesus rule over them.

This article also jumps to the conclusion that Americans have lost control of their destiny. Did we ever have control of our own destiny? Not only that, the U.S. is only one nation on the earth. Believe it or not, everything is not about America.

America + decline does not = end of world, as some like to think.

America is not in Bible prophecy and that most likely is because America is not a major factor in the world during end time events. Nations have risen and fallen in the past and the Beast never rose to power because of it. Will the Beast come to power now because of U.S. economic troubles? If he does it will not be because America falls but because true Christian’s rise (Rapture) and Satan falls (to the earth).

There simply is something missing in the logic of those who love these ongoing conspiracy themes. I know saying that will not be popular with those who see demonic cabals everywhere, or the end of the world every Feast of Trumpets. The truth is that the Rapture is not likely to occur on the Feast of Trumpets this year and it probably will not come on the next or the next. The Rapture does not have to occur on the Feast of Trumpets at all despite all the Internet speculations. The Church is not Israel.

Events will go on until the time set by the Father and some Christians just need to get used to that fact and stop looking for some magic formula so they can scare their friends with their new found revelations. They need to stop blaming all the inevitable problems caused by man as proof text that the end will be here in 2012.

It is always getting closer to the end but there is no conspiracy of demon possessed men running the earth. They could not get along with each other if there were. We cannot even get the Pastors and deacons of our churches on the same page and we are led by the Holy Spirit. How in the world then does Satan get his possessed and his also possessed to see eye to eye on anything?

Then you wonder why some Christians get upset with those who spend all their time trying to figure out the timing of the Rapture and the second coming instead of using their gifts for the Church and working to get people saved? In my experience half the people coming up with these dates and theories do not even attend a local church.

Don’t get me wrong, I teach Bible prophecy and I think the Lord is coming in the lifetime of most of the people reading this article but much of what is being said lately in the name of Bible prophecy really are pagan theories with Bible terminology. I guess I am now in big trouble with some of you. Please spare me the email because when I do not see things your way you send me insults. I really do have better things to waste my time on. I get a little tired of unsolicited emails from those who just have to get me to agree with their conspiracies or agree that they know the day or dates of the Rapture or second coming. Almost always after a half dozen exchanges the only thing accomplished is wasted time.

But I digress, what the big bailout means is that most of us are too greedy and we spend far more than we have and we are so far in debt that we can never pay it back. We buy houses we cannot afford betting on them to rise in value ten percent a year and we expect our mutual fund managers to keep giving us ten percent returns on our investment when they can only safely give us five. We knew that they were gambling with our investments but we thought that everything keeps going up and that they were too smart to lose. Well, they did lose, and there will be a bailout by us or there will be a depression. There also will be more bailouts by us until the world decides it does not want to bail out America anymore. When that happen we are going to lose more than you can imagine.

That is really what all the bailouts mean. It is not some dark conspiracy by satanic bankers to take over the world it is our own enslavement to debt!

What the big bailout means

" Do you think it’s an accident?

Do you think it’s just a case of bad management?

Do you think the proposed $700 billion taxpayer bailout of U.S. financial institutions just happened?

I don’t think so.

In fact, I think it’s part of a master plan – one pushing us inevitably, inexorably closer to a closed cashless global economic system of total control.

I know. This seems like an extreme statement. It sounds like I’ve drunk deep of the conspiracy Kool-Aid. But let’s take a look at history.

Americans have lost control of their own destiny. Elections don’t mean much. Congressional debates are illusory. We are on a path to tyranny. Neither Barack Obama nor John McCain is going to stop it. Neither a Republican Congress nor a Democratic Congress is likely to slow it down.

Most Americans seem ill-equipped to understand what’s happening or to comprehend the forces at work behind it. They seem more concerned with their basic needs and material pleasures than the fact that they are losing their birthright of self-government and individual freedom – that their children will never experience the promises of the Constitution.

What just happened? To simplify it, the government just got a lot bigger and more powerful, which means another nail was just hammered into the coffin of American liberty. And, in one of the largest wealth transfer schemes in history, a few wealthy and powerful individuals just got wealthier and more powerful – at your expense.

But this is not the end. This is not the final fix. This is not the final solution – not by a long shot. There will be more consolidations of power and money. There will be more “reforms.” There will be more regulations, more restrictions on the way you conduct your affairs, more centralization and control.