Sep 22, 2008

“At The Doors”

By Jim Fletcher

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made an interesting statement this week, regarding his efforts to bring peace to the Arabs and Israel.

It is difficult to understand what decades of Arab terrorism have done to the Jewish psyche, as the Israelis are now apologizing for the wars inflicted on them. Olmert lamented the fate of the “Arab refugees,” but of course quickly added that the world should care about Jewish refugees from Arab countries, as well.

Fat chance.

The international community, and in particular the pan-Arab nation, is licking its collective lips like some hungry vampire. The more Israel bleeds, the more the eyes glow and the tongue runs slowly, snake-like over the lips.

Olmert has resigned himself to a strategy of Israel taking what it can get in a peace deal, which, in reality, is not much. Amazing for a man who a decade ago was a hawk as mayor of Jerusalem.

However — and this is the key takeaway from this sad situation — the whole affair is leading up to God showing Himself to the world.

In Ezekiel 36, we read of a world in which Israel’s enemies have boasted that “even the ancient high places are ours in possession.” The mountains of Israel, the range that runs through the country’s middle and is referred to as the “West Bank” by almost everyone (except Bible believers), is evidently the first stage of retreat for the little country everyone loves to hate (except Bible believers). Listen to Olmert’s sad surrender:

"There is no magic charm which will produce an agreement - the price is very heavy," Olmert continued. "My feeling is that a territorial price will bring us closer."

"We need to emphasize this with honesty and courage. I think that the price is less than what would need to be paid if we didn't have an agreement,"
Olmert said.

But that’s an interesting statement. He seems to indicate that another war of extermination might be launched by the Arabs, should Israel have the temerity to no longer concede territory.

It is obvious from scripture that Israel’s enemies in the last days (the last days that atheists, skeptics, and Emergent leaders refuse to acknowledge are upon us), will come to the end of their insanity and try to finally rid themselves of their cousins.

How fast are events accelerating?

Ten years ago I sat in Olmert’s Jerusalem office with David Lewis, my late friend and mentor. Olmert impressed as one who would not compromise and would certainly never concede an inch of his beloved Jerusalem. Now, he is prepared to offer the barbarians of the Palestinian Authority 98 percent of the Jewish heartland. This would include neighborhoods in Jerusalem!

I don’t judge Olmert, though. Do not judge too harshly, Christian supporter of Israel.

Once, an Israeli friend told me a story that is probably apocryphal. That is, I doubt that it’s literally true, but it illustrates a point.

It seems that in 1996, when a jubilant Benjamin Netanyahu had been elected prime minister of Israel, he was paid a visit by none other than Henry Kissinger. The former U.S. secretary of state was driven from the airport to Netanyahu’s Jerusalem office, where they met behind closed doors.

At the conclusion of the meeting, both men emerged and Netanyahu appeared shaken (perhaps an exaggeration; let’s say he appeared “concerned”). Kissinger was then taken back to his plane and took off for home. No sight-seeing for Nixon’s top diplomat once-upon-a-time.

The point? I believe Israel has been squeezed by some of the world’s top leaders for quite some time. Whatever Kissinger told Netanyahu, it was serious enough to be taken as a sort of veiled threat/friendly warning.

So, when we see an Olmert, Netanyahu, or Sharon — all tough guys — conceding territory, know that they are not doing it because they are weak. They are doing it because if there’s anything the world hates more than a Jew, it’s the Jew. As in the collective nation that has been reborn before our very eyes.

A decade ago, when we visited with the mayor of Jerusalem, only a nut-case would have predicted that he would give up the farm. Remember when only a left-leaning crazy would predict a Palestinian state? Now it’s all the rage.

At the same time the world says the Bible is not true, that it is full of mistakes and contradictions, the very scenario predicted so long ago — a global fight for Jerusalem — is on the horizon. This is not the speculation of wild-eyed, old-time tent evangelists. Now, it is the domain of smooth, sophisticated diplomats.

It is here.

“So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.” (Matthew 24:33)