Sep 24, 2008

Ahmadinejad Addresses UN General Assembly

By Chris Perver

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad railed on the United States and Israel during his address to the United Nations General Assembly yesterday. The visit of President Ahmadinejad, who has publicly called for the state of Israel to be "wiped off the map", slammed "murderous Zionists" as being responsible for the global financial crisis and America as being responsible for much of the world's problems.

The event was widely protested but Ahmadinejad's speech went ahead as planned, resulting in scathing criticism of the UN for allowing such anti-Semitic remarks to go unreprimanded. Israeli President Shimon Peres stated that it was "the first time in the history of the United Nations that the head of a state is appearing openly and publicly with the ugly and dark accusations of the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion'". The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an anti-Semitic forgery that accuses the Jewish people of constructing a devilish plot to take over the entire world. During his address Ahmadinejad repeated his claims that the 'Zionist regime' would soon disappear...

Quote: "Today, the Zionist regime is on a definite slope to collapse, and there is no way for it to get out of the cesspool created by itself and its supporters," he said in a speech to the UN General Assembly. Ahmadinejad also sharply attacked the United States and NATO, accusing them of acting as aggressors in Iraq and Afghanistan, and of starting those wars "in order to win votes in elections." "American empire in the world is reaching the end of its road, and its next rulers must limit their interference to their own borders," Ahmadinejad said. He reiterated Iran's insistence that its nuclear program is purely peaceful, not aimed at producing nuclear weapons."

Ahmadinejad also vowed that Iran will press on with its nuclear programme. His remarks follow the publication of new evidence by the International Atomic Energy Agency of Iran's attempts to modify their Shihab-3 missiles to carry nuclear warheads. The European Union is also warning that Iran possessed a nuclear weapons programme in the past, and that the country is approaching the capability of reconfiguring its enrichment process to produce weapons' grade Uranium.

At a speech to delegates of the United Jewish Communities General Assembly, Israeli opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu warned that the world needs to act now in order to prevent Iran from producing nuclear weapons.

Quote: "It's 1938 and Iran is Germany. And Iran is racing to arm itself with atomic bombs. Believe him and stop him," Netanyahu said of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. "This is what we must do. Everything else pales before this."

In 1938 British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler by permitting Nazi Germany to reoccupy Czechoslovakia in return for peace. But the plan failed. Today the international community is repeating the mistake of past generations, by attempting to appease a man who is bent on the complete annihilation of the Jewish state.

But Hitler and the Third Reich are no longer. Babylon is no more. Egypt, Assyria, and the Greek and Roman Empires have come and gone. God's promises are everlasting, so you can guarantee that the Jewish state will outlive any government that seeks to set itself against the Mighty God of Jacob. But those who have trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation have an even greater security than that of Israel. For Jesus Christ says that all who believe on Him for salvation have eternal life and they shall never perish. Jesus Christ declares that no man is able to pluck us out of His hand, and adds that no man is able to pluck us out of His Father's hand (John 10:27-29). Not only do we have this double security on the outside, but we also have God's Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of us (John 14:16-17, 1st John 4:4). Do you have this security? You can have it through trusting in Jesus Christ for salvation. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved (Acts 16:31).

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