Aug 4, 2008

There Are Hundreds Of Millions Of Believers In China

By Jimmy DeYoung

In a recent survey taken by the Chinese State Media it has been revealed that more than thirty percent of the people of China above the age of sixteen consider themselves as "religious", which could be three times higher than what the Chinese officials had estimated.

This report suggests that three hundred million people nationwide in China could be religious, compared to the official figure of one hundred million, allowing this report to back up suspicions that religion has been enjoying a resurgence in China over the past twenty years and this as the communist party disapproval of the exercise of religion has eased up somewhat.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The recent survey taken in China of the country's religious beliefs revealed that even an atheistic nation is vulnerable to the spread of the truth as will be the case across the entire world in the future days of judgment, that according to Bible prophecy.

Reports in recent years coming out of Communist China indicated there were millions of Christians in the underground church that were being jailed or persecuted for their beliefs. Hundreds of missionaries have worked closely with this underground church to distribute Bibles, to witness to Chinese people in the street, and to otherwise try to spread the message of Christ to a needy people.

Now, the official Chinese media are reporting that the government's estimates may be way off with three times what they had estimated as the number of believers in China. What's unique about this report is that it is similar to the report that will come out of the Tribulation Period, a seven year period of judgment yet in the future, the time between the Rapture of the Church and the return of Jesus Christ to Earth.

The book of Revelation tells of two witnesses, two preachers, that will be located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the first half of the Tribulation Period and they will have a ministry that will turn people to Christianity and Jesus Christ, that's Revelation 11:3-7. Revelation 7:4-9 speaks of one hundred and forty four thousand Jewish men coming to Christ and then they will spread across the world to preach the gospel to everyone on Earth.

In fact, Jesus said in Matthew 24:14 that when everyone on Earth had heard the gospel during that seven year Tribulation Period, He would return to the Earth to setup His Kingdom.