Aug 3, 2008

Rick Warren’s “Interfaith” Social Plans Show Lack Of Christian Discernment

By Don Koenig

I gave Rick Warren a pass on his short statement. However, I knew I should have said something. Paul Proctor did take the time to address what Rick Warren said and I am glad that he brought up the Matthew chapter 10 issue. Rick Warren quoted Matthew chapter 10 as his justification for his interfaith efforts. Proctor makes it quite clear that Warren is taking Matthew 10 out of proper context in order to accomplish a pluralistic interfaith social agenda that any true understanding of the Bible does not allow.

Rick Warren will never get it because his worldview is all wrong. He has a worldly globalist agenda and that is why he is a member of CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). He does not get the role of the Church in the world and he does not get it that Christians cannot make joint interfaith efforts with unbelievers on social issues without those efforts coming with worldly strings attached. Not to mention that some of the social efforts the world pushes, and Warren agrees with, are actually harmful to man.

The strings that come attached with interfaith efforts is that salvation through Jesus Christ alone, cannot be preached. So they unite on social temporal issues of the flesh, but spiritual eternal issues of the soul never get out to the world. This is a compromise the Church is forbidden to make, and those making it show complete lack of Christian discernment. I don’t know why any biblical group of people would consider following such worldly leadership. Read Paul Proctor’s complete article by clicking on the link below and make your own judgment. As you see I have already made mine.

Paul Proctor — Rick Warren Still Doesn’t Get It