Aug 5, 2008

The Perfect Storm

By Gary D. Frazier

The perfect storm is when certain elements come together, which by themselves would be difficult but not necessarily disastrous. However when these elements come together at a given time they produce disastrous, life-altering events. Such is the case at this juncture in our history and lives. Yesterday, Allen Greenspan stated that the financial crisis we are experiencing comes along only once or twice in a century. The fact is we are experiencing the birth pains Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:8.

The elements producing this perfect storm are easily identified. First, the housing crisis, fueled by lending greed has finally come home to roost. Lenders knowingly granted mortgages to people who would otherwise never be approved for a home loan due to either poor credit or insufficient income to debt ratios. Now they either will not or cannot pay due to a bump in their financial road. Result, we the taxpayers are going to pay for this bailout by our government who is attempting to come to their aid.

Second, the fuel crisis. While demand is at an all time high not just in America but in emerging mobile nations such as China and India, supply is limited. More people vying for a product always results in higher prices. Americans are screaming that "the government" should do something. News Flash, the oil companies are in business to make a profit. It is called Capitalism and it is one of the elements that have made America the greatest country on earth. It is our individual responsibility as citizens to reign in our use of fuel and thereby reduce our own dependence.

Third, the international terrorist threat. Iran is going to acquire a nuke and when they get it, they will use it! Is there anyone left in the world who really believes the Iranians are enriching uranium for energy?

Fourth, the pestilence crisis. I am referring to the increase in Aids and numerous other STD'S (sexually transmitted diseases) for which there are no cures.

Fifth, the assault on marriage, the family and moral values. It is impossible to watch anything on television except perhaps the Weather Channel, where these foundational values are not being ridiculed and mocked.

Sixth, the food crisis. Grocery prices have risen another 5% according to today’s report and the facts support continuing increases.

Seventh, the job market. The trickle down effect of the housing crisis, increased fuel and food prices are all contributing to the closing of companies, layoffs and massive losses by business, GM reported a 15.5 billion dollar loss in the second quarter alone, and they are not the only ones who are losing billions. In addition, the jobless figures are the highest in several years.

This list of destructive elements could go on and on but you get the picture. Dare we ignore these facts and sail on as though the skies are clear and sunny? It is all coming together at the same time and I can assure you Barrack Obama, John McCain, nor any other world leader presently on the scene have an answer.

I do not relish in this crisis and have no desire to be a bearer of bad news. I am not a pessimist I am a realist! We are living in the end times! The Word of God teaches us to be watching, being assured these things will come to pass. Yet most people refuse to "get their house in order"! We continue to think that someway, somehow, either the storm will pass us by or we will survive it. While we have survived in the past, I personally believe this Perfect Storm will not pass us by.

The good news is that some are waking up to the reality of the threat and realizing the storm is serious and time is short. In the last month we have seen more than 100 come to faith in Christ at Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Sugarland, TX as well as 100+ just Sunday at Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, FL. There is something in the air that is warning us time is short and Jesus is coming! Are you ready? Is your house in order?