Aug 7, 2008

Four Aircraft Carrier Groups In The Gulf Area Could Mean A Strike On Iran Is Imminent

By Don Koenig

This report by Kuwait Times that two additional aircraft carrier groups are heading toward the gulf could be very important because the U.S. would insist on having four aircraft carrier groups in that area before it would give Israel any green light to strike Iran. The same is true if the U.S. decided to strike Iran itself.

If this report is true, figure that it will take about a month to get all the ships in place and ready for action. So nothing will happen before early September. But like I said before, an attack in late September to early October makes more political sense than after the election if it looks like Obama might win.

It should be very interesting that two additional carrier groups have been reported to be heading that way to fit the timing of a pre U.S. election strike.

When you actually see four carrier groups in the Gulf and Red Sea, it could mean a strike on Iran is imminent. The U.S. would not allow Israel to strike Iran without first having adequate air power in place.

‘2 US aircraft carriers headed for Gulf’ Jerusalem Post