Jul 17, 2008

Saudi King Abdullah Leads a Conference of the World's Major Religious Leaders to Find Solutions

By Jimmy DeYoung

At a time when inter religious strife and violence has increased the environment of distrust among religions, Saudi King Abdullah has called together the leaders of the major religions of the world meeting in Madrid, Spain to find a solution that would end disputes between the major religions of the world.

The conference, with over 200 participants, includes Christians, Moslems, Jews, as well as representatives of major Asian religions. King Abdullah said that all religions believe in one god and religion should be a means to iron out differences between these religions.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The interfaith summit called together by Saudi King Abdullah is evidence that Bible prophecy is moving closer to fulfillment.

With over 200 world religious leaders hosted by Saudi King Abdullah meeting to dialog on how religion can bring about solutions to religious conflicts around the world, the stage is being set for a major development in Bible prophecy. Religious based violence, particularly in the Middle East, has pitted Christians against Moslems and even within Islam, violence between Sunni and Shiite Moslems has claimed hundreds of victims. The untrue statement by King Abdullah that all religions believe in one god is actually part and parcel of the problem. Islam's god, Allah, never had a son and Christianity says Jesus Christ is the Son of God Who came to this world in the flesh. Denial of that belief makes a religion an Antichrist religion, II John 7.

A gathering of all the world's major religions to find a common ground is a scenario found in Revelation 17. John the Revelator wrote of a Last Days, one-world religion that will resolve all conflicts through religion under the leadership of a one world religious leader known as the Beast in Revelation 17 or better known as the Antichrist.

Saudi King Abdullah's interfaith conference is indeed a major step towards the appearance of a one world religion.