Jun 18, 2008

Q & A

By Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Q: How do you interpret the Babylon of the book of Revelation? Do you believe it was meant at any point to refer to the city of Rome at the time of the early church? Do you believe the Babylon of the future will be geographically located in Iraq?

A: I do not believe Babylon is referring to Rome. However, there are two Babylons in the book. In chapter 17, there is religious Babylon, which refers to a world religion. It is called Babylon because Babylon was the mother of all false religions. While the religion is worldwide, the headquarters would be based in the city of Babylon. Revelation 18 deals with the city of Babylon and should be taken literally. It is destined to become the world capital under the Antichrist. Babylon was rebuilt by Saddam Hussein and it was not damaged in the Gulf War. Babylon is located in Southern Iraq and that is where these events will take place.