Jun 30, 2008

Earthquake Specialists Say That Indonesia Faces A Giant Quake

By Jimmy DeYoung

A team of international scientists including a group from the California Institute of Technology says that the three major earthquakes in Indonesia recently have increased the likelihood of a major disaster with the potential for a giant quake in the near future.

With Indonesia's sumatra right on the equator, this island holds the deadliest stretch of ocean anyplace in the world, which was the location, by the way, that produced the tsunami several years ago that caused the deaths of over three hundred thousand people.

The team of earthquake specialists who traveled to the area say the potential giant quake could well be a rare magnitude nine quake and with the plates in the earth so tightly sprung, the quake will happen sooner rather than later.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

With the recent earthquake activity and the potential for the giant quake in Indonesia, the world is witnessing what Jesus said would happen in the last days.

Across the world this last year there have many earthquakes in a number of different location. Most recently the three powerful quakes in Indonesia motivated a team of earthquake specialists to travel to the nation to try and determine the potential for additional quake activity.

The team of scientists have concluded that there is a potential for what they term a giant quake to happen in that part of the world and they say it could be sooner rather than later.

On the subject of earthquakes, Jesus said that a major indicator of the nearness of His return to the earth, the Second Coming, would be earthquake activity in different places, Matthew 24:7.

Jesus also gave the Apostle John the prophetic message of the Book of Revelation where he spoke about additional earthquake activity, including the worst earthquake that will ever take place on the earth, just before He comes back to the earth, Revelation 16:18.

The warning from a team of earthquake specialists of a giant quake in Indonesia is indeed evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled, and possibly in the very near future.