May 29, 2008

World Leaders Are Praising The Progress Being Made In Iraq

By Jimmy DeYoung

A gathering of world leaders meeting in Sweden for the second such conference on the rebuilding of the war torn country of Iraq has been praising the progress of the Iraqi people and its government as highlighted by the remark from the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon who said that Iraq had stepped back from the abyss but warned that the situation is still very fragile.

Nearly one hundred countries are taking part in the forum which is aimed at supporting Iraq's efforts to restore stability and rebuild a functioning economy. Iraq's PM Maliki said that Iraq is not a poor country, it possesses tremendous human and natural resources but the debt, which is government inherited from Saddam Hussein, has hampered the reconstruction process.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The progress reported by world leaders, related to the rebuilding of the war torn nation of Iraq, is a precursor to an End Time scenario for Iraq that is found in Bible prophecy.

Iraq's PM Maliki has called on neighboring countries to forgive debts and waive payments for wars fought under Saddam Hussein. This plea from Maliki coming at the meeting in Sweden where world leaders have praised the progress already made, but warn that the road ahead is still very fragile. The aim of this second conference on the rebuilding of Iraq is to help the Iraqi people to become a secure and prosperous nation. This is a goal that fits right into the prophetic scenario for Iraq as found in Bible prophecy.

The ancient Jewish prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zechariah and the Apostle John wrote of a future for Iraq which is actually Biblical Babylon. Revelation 18 reveals that Babylon, modern day Iraq, will be the international headquarters for a one-world, economic, political, governmental system headed up by the Antichrist and that it will be destroyed prior to the return of Jesus to the Earth, Isaiah 13:14, Jeremiah 50-51 and revelation 16:17-20.

Before Babylon, modern day Iraq, is destroyed, it must be rebuilt. That plan is operation today.