Apr 23, 2008

Are Global Food Shortages And The Energy Crisis Signs Of The Last Days?

By Joel Rosenberg

MEDIA ALERT: I will be on "The Glenn Beck Show" on CNN Headline News each night this week discussing current events, Bible prophecy, and my new political thriller, Dead Heat. On Friday, Glenn and I will do a one-hour special together on these issues. Tonight's topic: TBD.

Last night,
Glenn Beck began his "Earth Day" show by noting that "global food prices [have] started rioting worldwide" and that "the World Bank says that global food prices have increased over 83 percent from 2005 till now." He also noted that oil has soared past $115 a barrel and "gas prices have increased 81 percent" since '05. He interviewed Dan Glickman, the former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, who noted that "global wheat supplies are at their 30-year low, and U.S. wheat supplies are at their 60-year low. Now, I don`t think we`re going to run out of food in this country, but I do think there are going to be severe shortages outside the United States." After discussing these disturbing trends -- and the dangers of overreacting to such trends with left-wing, big government solutions -- he asked if there is any prophetic significance to them. It's all part of a week-long series he and I are doing on geopolitics, Bible prophecy, Epicenter and Dead Heat.

Here is the transcript of our discussion

CNN Headline News
Tuesday, April 22, 2008