Mar 6, 2008

Pope Benedict Has Approved a Permanent Catholic-Moslem Forum

By Jimmy DeYoung

In a ground breaking move, Pope Benedict has approved the setting up of a permanent Catholic-Moslem forum, the first of its kind, which is to hold its inaugural summit meeting in the Fall at the Vatican between Vatican officials and a Moslem delegation of 138 Moslem scholars.

The meeting in Rome will be in response to the Pope's controversial speech in Germany in 2006 when the Pope appeared to describe Islam as violent and irrational. The aim of the summit is to return to the roots of faith and discuss what Catholicism and Islam have in common. Leaders of the summit say they hope Moslems will join the Pope in deeper dialog on doctrine, theology and character of religion in today's world.

A summit in Rome for the purpose of determining what Catholicism and Islam have in common is a scenario that blends itself to the prophetic scenario found in Bible prophecy.

As a result of the controversial statements made about Islam at a university in Germany by Pope Benedict, the Vatican has agreed to an annual forum between Catholics and Moslems to be held in Rome for the purpose of returning to the roots of faith and determining what Catholicism and Islam have in common. This is a task that even the Pope and the 138 Islamic scholars will find very difficult to accomplish.

For example, the Koran, the Islamic holy book, says that Jesus Christ never died on a cross in Jerusalem and thus, He never resurrected from the dead. The Bible says that Jesus Christ died, was buried and rose from the dead which proved He was who He says He was, the Saviour. The Koran says that Allah, the Islamic god did not have a son. The Bible, in I John 4, says that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has come in the flesh and those that deny that He is the Son of God are of the spirit of Antichrist, I John 4:3.

A summit to discuss faith that cannot agree on these two doctrines is doomed to fail and will indeed set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.