Mar 13, 2008

Peres Supports ‘100 percent’ Sarkozy’s Plan for Mediterranean Union

By Rodrigo Silva

"I support 100 percent the plan," Peres, who is on a five-day state visit to France, said in an interview with French radio Europe 1.

"The entire (Israeli) government is in favour of Sarkozy’s initiative of course," he added.
"North Europe countries, the Maghreb countries in the south and the Arab countries in the middle, why not cooperate on what is possible?," he asked, recalling that Europe started with a union on coal and steel.

A summit meeting between the EU countries and Mediterranean countries, including Israel, is scheduled to take place on 13 July in Paris when France takes over the six-month EU presidency.

Ahead of a EU summit meeting at the end of this week, France and Germany settled their differences over President Sarkozy's plan to create the EU-Mediterranean new forum.

Sarkozy is expected to outline the compromise at the meeting of European Union leaders in Brussels on Thursday.

The French president originally envisaged setting up an organisation exclusively for states bordering the Mediterranean but Germany balked at the idea fearing it would freeze out northern EU countries from a vital geo-political region.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel forced Sarkozy last week to open up the club to all 27 EU states.

The new union is intended to replace the so-called Barcelona Process which was launched in 1995 with much fanfare but which has made little headway in building cross-border business.


Our Prophetic Perspective

The fact that the Israeli government supports the Mediterranean Union is a sign that Bible prophecy will soon be fulfilled.The Bibles says that the Antichrist will confirm a covenant with Israel for 7 years (1 week of years) and brake this covenant in the middle of the 7 years.(Daniel 9:27)

The Bible also says that the Antichrist will rise from a political entity which will include the nations that surround the Mediterranean sea (Daniel 7:1-25,Revelation 13:1-2). This political kingdom will be divided into 10 regional sections which will be governed by 10 kings.(Daniel 7:23-25,Revelation 17:11-13).

The Mediterranean Union could be setting the stage for the kingdom of the Antichrist which will include Israel and the Middle East.

Most prophecy students see the European Union as the kingdom of the Antichrist, but the Bible seems to indicate that the kingdom of the Antichrist will include all of the Islamic-Arab world, not just Europe.

We recently wrote an article explaining that the European Union will be one of the players and that the Arab world must also be a part of the Antichrist's kingdom. The fact that the Mediterranean Union is seeking to unite the European Union with northern Africa and the Middle East shows that the kingdom of the Antichrist is being formed before our eyes!

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